1. N

    Hello, I am a Chinese citizen and urgently need your help with BMFN

    Hello, I am a Chinese citizen and urgently need your help In 2017, I traded on the BMFN foreign exchange trading platform.In 2018, BMFN exited the Chinese market. But so far neither my friends nor I have been able to withdraw funds, I have communicated with them many times via email and always...
  2. forextrader_12

    SPAM FROM BFMN current market rate for 25/7/2019, My personal forex broker experience

    Market rates as if 25/7/2019 Gold 1,424.03 -0.11% -1.55 USD per Troy Ounce 14:55:46 PM Silver 16.54 -0.35 % -0.06 USD per Troy Ounce 02:52:00 A Oil 56.12 EUR/USD -0.0687 1.1135 02:50 AM GBP/USD -0.1161 1.2471 02:50 AM USD/CAD -0.0609 1.3129 02:50 AM USD/CHF 0.0305 0.9849 02:50 AM USD/JPY...
  3. A

    Boston Merchant Financial Ltd. /BMFN

    No outstanding issues with BMFN.
  4. D

    Boston Merchant ( BMFN ) Issue - RESOLVED

    i'm an IB with BMF from 6 monthes . 1- i felt that any trade with more than 5 mini lots had alot of requots, once a time i tried to open a trade with 2 standard lots . it takes 3 min to open it . 2- i can't run any EA on BMF's mt4 correctly although i'm a programmer , every time the EAs...
  5. A and ? : Boston Merchant Financial Services and :Boston Merchant Financial Services are two broker has many similarities, same of the name ( Boston Merchant Finance... ) even the license number of the NFA ( NFA ID 0379830 ). Resolution for someone like me curious about this...
  6. W

    BMFN and MM scam !

    I Started last January to look for good broker and money manger, then I've decided to invest 10k $ with BMFN through MM that have certification from them. He made 70 % profit in first month then I added to the account another 10K, then he made a profit of about 40% in the month after. Then one...
  7. A

    BMFN scam alert

    BMFN has stolen $ 70,000 from my account claiming that these are retroactive swap charges . My account was in profit for about same amount.If you have an account with BMFN, please consider to remove your funds asap.
  8. F

    BMFN.COM the biggest scam in the world

    BMFN Stole about $ 70000 from my account. I enclose a proof. Remove all your funds immediately else you could face the same fate as me. Just look at the column of SWAP and see for yourself if it is a scam or not.
  9. S

    BMFN does not allow me to withdraw my deposit

    I have been trading with BMFN over some period of time. On 2, 9 and 21 May 2014, I gained some profits and BMFN cancelled all of them. On 14 May, they told me: "The entry prices of the following tickets have been corrected to the true tradable market price. Tickets [...]. Your account has been...
  10. P

    Resolved - bmfn doesn't let me withdraw

    sorry, all ok now i don't know if the problem solved as soon as i posted this message, or i had to wait from monday (day of withdraw submission) to friday (day of withdrawal done) to have my money usually they are fast thanks a lot to all ppp
  11. I

    BMFN (Boston Merchant) SCAM

    I opened an account with BMFN in August 2010. I successfully managed to withdraw $6,000 in November 2010 and a further $9,000 in May 2011. However, when I attempted to withdraw a further $6,000 in January 2012 I received an email stating my account has been “deactivated and closed due to...
  12. A


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