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    Resolved? -

    Hi, I opened an account with Cititrader. They added bonus money to my account without my consent or knowledge. Now they won't let me withdraw any funds. They are also trying to force me to trade my account. P.
  2. E SCAM

    I have tried to withdraw my money from the this company's platform (CITITRADE.COM) and found out the site is no longer valid or existing. I tried many times to write emails, while my withdrawal request was pending and no answer was received from any of their support emails. today the site is...
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    Resolved or not? - Cititrader scam.

    I misunderstood the "bonus" system and its terms and conditions. This has been explained and the matter is now resolved.
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    Problem VIP-Cititrader Scam - Spotoptions too?

    I want to file this case now against VIP Cititrader for cheating me into investing a big amount in their so called low (later medium) risk VIP-Citrader managed account, which they solely traded. After loosing a big amount and realizing that they are not fair and clean, I requested for a refund...
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    Cititrader Scam

    VIP Cititrader is a conglomerate of Charlatans whose sole purpose is devoted to divesting unfortunate and inexperienced investors of their hard earned cash. Under the thin veil of seeming credibility, lies hard core deception, misleading information, and totally fabricated statistics. Dave...
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    Is cititrader a scam?

    i had requested a withdrawal request of £400 on 17 march 2013 but they have not yet accepted my request??? i called them many times but and what they say is it will take time. it's frustrating how long more do i had to wait???
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    Problem Partially Resolved - withdrawal issue

    Moderation Note: This thread will remain in Scam Alerts. It contains clear evidence that CitiTrader/Citrades employees altered the company's TOS and committed other unethical actions in order to try to steal a client's profits. Allow me to Introduce myself, I am a hard working university...
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    Cititrader is a rip off company.....they steal your money

    This company steals client money under the guise of investigation when you are winning trades and they want to keep your winnings.