Cititrader Scam


VIP Cititrader is a conglomerate of Charlatans whose sole purpose is devoted to divesting unfortunate and inexperienced investors of their hard earned cash. Under the thin veil of seeming credibility, lies hard core deception, misleading information, and totally fabricated statistics. Dave Johnson and Jason Scharf wield a convincing impression of global knowledge, and seasoned trading capacity. Their recruitment of the European Pret-Nom Philip Baron lends a false quasi sophisticated and distinctive air of competence to an otherwise deliberate incompetence. Philip Baron never replies to his emails, he just talks to you on the telephone in the early snaring stages with his convincingly knowledgeable European accent. They have no interest in their clients, or their clients welfare, and their seemingly avuncular style is riddled with hard core manipulation. Their expertise in deception is to be clearly admired. I can imagine their justifications are simply that they are capitalising on human greed and those that fall prey to their clever ploys are themselves responsible for what they let themselves in for. "Caveat Emptor" or let the buyer beware is an axiom that clearly applies, and these rogues have crossed every legal "t" and dotted every legal "I" imaginable. You will be unable to crawl out from under their clamp of on your funds, and from their point point of view, whilst they are laughing all the way to the bank with your money, they will tell you "they never promised you a rose garden". This is a difficult one to topple and all I can say, is that in my years of business dealings wherein I have considered myself sophisticated enough to sense a "scam" I did not see this one coming. But then part of it is, at certain stages of ones life, we just throw a bit of our caution to the wind and want to believe that someone else has got the answer for you - for a change. Pity us, tired souls, looking for an easier solution as we are perhaps getting older. Or seeing the funds we have managed to earn and grafted for over the years and having little, if any opportunity to put the capital to good work. VIP City Trader genuinely provides the fantasy ritual to fill that dream and they are so highly skilled at targeting the oh so vulnerable souls that stumble in their midst. All I can say is a warning shot - take a wide berth and avoid at all costs the contact with this hypnotic and totally disappointing organisation.
According to what one of the members of FPA has told me, there is a link between YTFX and Cititrader:

Itamar Patishi is the owner of both
According to what one of the members of FPA has told me, there is a link between YTFX and Cititrader:

Itamar Patishi is the owner of both
Not a good news if true. Are they all wraping up? The 6 month contract deal seems to make sens in that case and no wonder that was a scam as well.
I've done some digging into both of those companies and never saw any signs of overlap. I'd love to see any evidence that would support this claim.
I wish to withdraw this comment as it no longer applies. The matter has now been resolved.