neto trade

  1. O

    Netotrade is a scam!!

    I am writing this, because in 2014-2015 I was using Netotrade to trade, they sold me all sorts of dreams, as I was then very new to forex trading I did not know much, I am from South Africa where that market is only growing now. I invested a total of $10 192 000 and I was not even trading for...
  2. A

    Dear forexpeacearmy members I know that trading is risky, and this is true only when you risk large amount of money exceeding the account margin “gambling”. This is what happened with me in the company. I have started trading with by depositing $10,000 on 02/05/2018...
  3. K


    Please help me with a company netotreed and dealt with the account manager and lost but the first time and the second time deposited a larger amount and tried to withdraw part of it and the company rejected it and even annulment
  4. AMetwally1

    NetoTrade, Scamme

    Hi everyone, Recently I and for the first time in my life to start investing in forex , I start with NetoTrade with 750$ with a real account for a start and they keep pushing and asking to add more cash to my account but all was good and I am making a good profit of what I have already, when I...
  5. A

    Netotrade is a scam

    Netotrade is scamming broker On 20 Dec 2015, I received a call from UK number from Fahed Abdallah, introduced himself as a manager in netotrade asking me to join forex. I told him that I have no Idea in forex but he reassured me that I am going to have "an account manager" . So I deposit 2500...
  6. T

    NetoTrade - Online Forex Trading IS BIG SCAM & FRAUD

    Hi, This my second warring on this fraud company , where the issue was resolved by paying me the trade which was made of one of their account manger which cost me 7000 $.That idiot did not what the market is going ,never used stop-loss or even take-profit !.Their mission is to destroy your...
  7. F

    Netotrade is a scam

    Take care of this site- they made a big fraud out of me .They kept withdrawing money for forex until they take 32K USD and then they ignore my mails and call.I will make a complaint at Cyber police
  8. zumk

    Warning do not deal with netotrade

    Hello, WARNING DO NOT DEAL WITH NETOTRADE I would like to warn the whole world about a company ‘Netotrade’ I have lost AUD$105 237.60 to these scammers, please read what happened below: Netotrade as an online trading company approached me back on the 8/10/2014 telling me all the good...
  9. V

    NetoTrade - Not able to withdraw my profits

    I opened account with Neto Trade. I registered them after seeing their Ad in The agent offered me to provide assistance and so i opened an account with them with USD 5000/-. I have done profits within 3 weeks and requested to withdraw USD 2,300/- on 2nd May. Till now my request is...
  10. A

    Neto Trade U.K. Ltd

    Preifly i stated trading with Neto trade since November 2016 and I invested in total $121000 Every thing was going very smooth and I managed to make good profit My problem started when I decided to withdraw $60000 ,,, after long time of waiting my account manager disappeared and replaced by...
  11. S

    Netotrade is a scam, lost lot of money

    Hi my name is P Saradhi I have traded with Netotrade during the months March -June 2013. Over this period I have invested around $45000 into managed account (they said they will trade on behalf of me and they took all the trading decisions ). Initially started with $1000 They showed me quick...

    Problem Neto Trade is a Big Scam

    Hi, I open an account with NetoTrade No ( 16370013 ) on 10 June 2013 after i received many calls from a NetoTrade employee ( Eddie cooper ) to open account, this person introduce me to his senior accounts manager ( Steven Smith ). Mr Steven took control of my account and he start trading with...
  13. E stole $60000

    My name is Mansour Areejah, I live in Saudi Arabia, in early 2013 received a phone call from (, do not know where he got my number, he started persuading me to invest money for net trading, I have no experience at all in net trading and did not do any research on the net...
  14. R

    Neto trade-scam

    I opened a forex account with Neto Trade back in April and deposited around 16K USD. I traded and made my account to 89K in 2 weeks because there was very good news items from Japan. I asked for a refund of 4K. The account manager at that time called Steven Becket sent the funds after a long...
  15. L

    Netotrade is a scam

    netotrade stole 40000 usd from me My name is Lojina Mostafa and I have been trading with Netotrade under account No. 16385134 My problem started when I asked Netotrade to transfer USD 2500, then company refused to proceed with my withdrawal request and they did not reply any of my emails. After...
  16. N

    Beware of Netotrade, opened mail id to fight netotrade scams collectively, send evidence

    Hello Every one, Netotrade cheated many people, one of my friend lost of lot of money. What i heard from one of lawyer is, If every one sent details to one of mail id created exclusively to collect netotrade scams (netotradescams at - i can forward to the lawyer (whom i know...
  17. N

    NetoTrade - Resolved*

    I opened up an account with a guy name Alan. He told me that you can deposit and withdraw money without incurring a fee. I started to make some profits and requested a withdrawal. It took a couple of days, but there was about 15% of my money was missing. They gave me the run-arounds when asked...
  18. F stole $60000

    Any help will be appreciated. Those guys persuaded a friend to invest money, his account manager promissed that he would not loose money and after investing $60000, he lost all of them. I raised a complain, the lady said we do not usually promise and convince somebody to invest money. I asked...
  19. K


    Hi, this is my first time to post this is it not eligible in this forum please remove it. I got a call from Netotrade yesterday. I believe they got a number from since my UK number is hardly linked to anywhere(currently study abroad). As someone who trade forex for a bit, I also...
  20. J

    NetoTrade, I can't believe if this turns out to be SCAM

    I opened my trading account after an exchange of several emails. One of their senior most team members, Ms Anna Martin, confirmed in writing that should I use their Bonus (upto USD 10,000) against my similar amount of investment, not only all the losses (if any) will be borne from the Bonus...