recovery room scam

  1. M

    Scammed by corporate option

    I invested in the above mentioned binary broker an initial amount of usd 10000. Upon initial investment the contact and support seemed second to non, and I was impressed. After a few days they suggested I invest a further usd 10000 which I did, This is where it goes down hill. I no longer have...
  2. U

    optionsxo scam report

    My experience with Optionxo Manager Tony Nino.. I made a bad choice when I trusted Optionxo. Their fully managed Silver level account First investment 500 us, then was consistently pressured to keep investing until I invested 21000 to make the next big trade. Lost it all in one trade...
  3. F

    Trade Stabilizer Decoder

    Dear Members has anyone in this forum heard of trade stabiliser decoder. I received the email below from someone who claims to be helping people who has problems with withdrawals on binary trading. " Now there is something you don't know yet about binary trade. If you don't have a good...
  4. T

    Resolved - Bloombex Options

    My father is elderly and had been trading with Bloombex Options through John Davis for more than a year. In Oct of 2015 he said he needed to up the deposits to make more money, which he did to the tune of $90,000 on my fathers credit card. Elderly abuse and manipulation. The balance was up to...
  5. A

    Binary Options Scam Alert -

    Fraudulent binary options trading scheme. I have fallen victim to a fraudulent binary options trading scheme. Here is how the scheme operates. Agents are placed in strategic website like In the comments section they offer their help to recover your lost funds. When...
  6. A


    Since, Citrades (operating under their parent name Triple S LTD), there’s so much that has happened, I just don’t know how I can make this short, but I’ll do my best. On the other hand, I’m afraid to contact anyone because their contract states I have no rights to share any information with any...
  7. L

    V2Forex is a SCAM (Please note they changed the website to

    I had invested in this V2Forex Company last year Nov 2014. In the end, I did not recieved any profits just because they said I did not reply to their email regarding my details. But this is not truth because I had replied to this person by the name of Kristi who is Forex army online fraud...
  8. cassie12

    Recovery room scam spammed into a Scam Alerts thread.

    I invested $9,000 into my Broker account and after 2 months I had lost over 80% of my tradings and ended up with even bigger debts than i than before. I got bonuses from my broker that made withdrawing and cashing out my remaining funds almost impossible…i had bills to pay and my credit card...
  9. Bhart54

    Reality Investment

    Hello, I am very new here and trying to figure out where to post in the proper places. I have already put up a scam report about one company, but I am now asking if any of you have heard of a Reality Investment site? Their website is I am not interested in this site for...
  10. AsstModerator

    Thomas911, Recovery Room Scammer for

    Thomas911 has been dishonorably discharged from the Forex Peace Army. Thomas911 appears to have been trying to get money from FPA members using private conversations with people reporting being scammed. The conversations varied. In most, he'd report losing money to the same company. He'd...
  11. K

    Has anyone heard of

    They claim they can get your money back if you have been scammed. The charge is £1,000 (VAT included). Is this a valid firm? Can they really get one's money back? Or are they scammers?