V2Forex is a SCAM (Please note they changed the website to pmtrade.webnode.in/investment-plan

Loc Cha Ma

I had invested in this V2Forex Company last year Nov 2014. In the end, I did not recieved any profits just because they said I did not reply to their email regarding my details. But this is not truth because I had replied to this person by the name of Kristi who is Forex army online fraud controlled department. And until now still there is no reply from them even without any explaination. And there is no email from V2Forex asking for my details after my PayPal fees payment for my profits withdraw and they had my records when I had registered with them.
When I mentioned that I want to complain to US FBI in Apr 2015, their CEO started to reply to me in a very rude and threatening way. Please see my attached email. His name is Dianeal Dsuza. He promised to give me the profits in the date given from his email but still no reply and when I want to reply to him , their email suddenly not activated and website is down.
In August 2015, Mark is the person who in charge of account suddenly email me of my profits and I gave him my detail and suddenly a person name call Koplyee Yen email me and said he is from Forex Army but I do not know whether he is real and I did not find out from Forex Police Army whether he is from this company or not. Please see the attached email. He is suddenly disappeared when he suggested me to pay for the PayPal fees for my profits or else he cannot help me to solve this case if V2Forex fail to pay.
In Sept to Oct 2015, I email to Zest about my case and she said they have difficulties to sent profits by PayPal and she want me to give her my address and I did. And still no reply from them. I email to them and said this time I will complain to US FBI in my country Singapore Embassy. They said I did not reply their email about my details and told me to go ahead to complain them.
Please help me to solve this problem if you can. I almost lost more than 10K USD in the investment. I decided to complain in this Forex Police Army is to hope that nobody fall into their scam again. Please note they have changed their website into this Link: pmtrade.webnode.in/investment-plan/

Thank you and Best Regards

p m <pm_trade@yahoo.com>
To LCM Apr 25 at 12:26 PM
Hello This Is Dianeal Dsuza Founder & CEO of V2forex I have received a mail from Mark That you want to lodge complaint in FBI regarding our company , so be sure we have no any problem you can complaint any where , but remember you have using unauthorised payment system like PM , and if we want we can lodge complaint in your INCOME TAX Department that have you pay tax for the investment money ? So dnt be so crazy otherwise you cant do any thing but if we want we can take action and sure your account hold by your government ,
So its our finial decision your profit credited to your Same PM Account on 15 May 2015 at 6 pm Guaranteed , and if you want in your Paypal account then we send on 20 may 2015 at 6 am , either you can wait till suggest date or You can do any thing that you want we have no any problem ... !And note FBI support legal person not illegal person , like you know PM is 100% illegal way to pay money then why you have chossen pm ? Why you not choose Paypal ??
Any way you have only 2 option either wait till 15 to 20 May 2015 Or go to any where and take action we have no problem.

Warm Regard
V2forex team

This email dated 2015 August 15 from Koplyee Yen who said he will help me to solve this case.

forexarmy complaint <forex_armycomplaint@yahoo.com>
To LCM Aug 15 at 12:57 PM
Hi this is Koplyee Yen From International Internet Forex Crime Center , we have blocked more than 1000 forex investment company that stole hard money of kinds people from worldwide , i have received your mail id from one of them ,So i request to you if you have lossed your hard earn money in any forex investment company reply us our team promise to you we recover all stolen money through FBI .

forexarmy complaint <forex_armycomplaint@yahoo.com>
To LCM Aug 15 at 5:10 PM
Thank you for reply us , this is very serious matter , so we need some proof of your investment like how much you was invested and through which method you have deposited if possible then send scan copy of your investments details ,

The all information that you have provide us is very important and enough for us , for further investigation we need some of your basic information , So its our advice to you plz provide bellow mention information,
Your full name :
Your net Monthly income :
Mobile no.

forexarmy complaint <forex_armycomplaint@yahoo.com>
To LCM Aug 16 at 10:51 AM
Hello LCM good evning ,
This is inform you that our investigation team have investigate regarding v2forex.com and our team found that this company is registered under Section 67/b1987 on Coprate &Business Ministery of USA. & currently this company is working in well condition but US gov. has closed their services in some of country like Pakistan ,China , Hongkong, Singapore , India , Nepal , Bangladesh so if you belong the these of any country you cant open the site , Any way our team have contact Director of v2forex.com and till him regarding your complaint and we also show him your all proof , The director of v2forex told us "this is 100% correct that LCM is our good investor and we have send their all profit $65000 in their Paypal account earlier , but the client told the paypal account is wrong and currently paypal not back the money for us .
Finally our team ask him is you are going to credit all profit of LCM and what is actual profit of LCM ? He reply us we can credit total profit with 1.2% daily interest $95000 but for this we need short-screen of their paypal account where they need the money and before this we need $5100 for tax and paypal fee.
-- Our team have also contact ministry of Corporate & business regarding why this complany is not work in singapore , china , india and lots of asian country they told simply their government not allowed , that means perfectmoney is elligal in your country , so i suggest to you Mr. LCM Contact Mark again and ask what is process of withdrawal all profit $95000 .... If again they not pay your profit contact us our team will lodge complaint in FBI Office for further action..
Thank you for contacting us ..

forexarmy complaint <forex_armycomplaint@yahoo.com>
To LCM Aug 16 at 10:22 PM
Thank you for reply us , i have read carefully your mail, and now we have discuss with Mark thy have promised us if you pay $5100 thy will transfer $95000 if they fail to crdit your total money in your paypal account then our team will charge penalty on mark and we will pay all profit to you .. if you are agree with us then contact with Mark and ask further process,
If you need any assistance contact me without any restrictions .

forexarmy complaint <forex_armycomplaint@yahoo.com>
To LCM Aug 17 at 11:25 PM
Hi Good morning ,
i want to inform you that our team have investigate all thing and found that v2forex team have send $50,000 in paypal account but that paypal account is wrong so we are not able to take any action , bcoz they have send 50,000 USD and we take action only when someone have not pay, so i think you need to contact Mark and follow him and also send their all converson to us for record if again they fail to credit $50,000 in your paypal account i promise Mark will be 100% aarested and their company closed permanently , So as per our talk with Mark they need 1000 USD fresh paypal fee so i told you send 1000 USD again they will pay 100% 50,000 USD

forexarmy complaint <forex_armycomplaint@yahoo.com>
To LCM Sep 1 at 8:54 AM
Thank you for providing all details , we have contact VAT/TAX Department by telephonic they told me that they want to released all pending fund one time so they have decided to pay ATM pin and $50,000 in paypal on the payment of $2000 in which you have pay 1400 USD so you need to pay $600 more , other option they have provide for refund $1400 so think your self and contact v2forex if they not refund contact me i will lodge FIR .