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    SVSFX fraud

    Daer All, I was joined SVSFX from August 2015. I deposited more than $ 5000 in two different accounts. In one account I trade about $7000 and suddenly one morning I saw my balance $3000 and some open positions. I complaint them they told me your margin level low. I don't...
  2. T

    PYX Markets with SVS Securities Fraud

    I have opened trading accounts at brokerage, this broker works as white label of difrent broker SVSSecurities, accounts was opened on PYX website. In point 4 of terms & conditions is explained relationship between those two brokers. terms...
  3. R is not reliable

    I have deposited 100$ and opened an account with after having continues calls from Mr. mohamed zarudeen - Accounts Manager srilanka Region (his email id is Till I deposit the money to my account there was continuous calls from this guy. But once I deposited the...
  4. Y

    Scam SVSFX 5000 USD

    Just I deposited SVSFX USD 50000 to Open an Account After payment they did not replay to me So I searched in google about them So I realized they are Frauds Please let me know is there any way to get my money back Please help me I paid through pay you money IF any one helps me to get back I...
  5. S

    SVSFX is SCAM and Fraud

    What I found is that SVSFX are scammers. They currently targeting Indian and Other Asian Regions by calling customers and giving very lucrative offers. First you need to deposit $500 with them, but once you deposit money they never care about you. When they call, they assure you to provide at...
  6. K

    RESOLVED removed all my profits!

    Last year in Oct, I made deposit USD13000 to svsfx. Then I traded and made account balance become USD83925. Later I sent a withdraw request of USD 55000. Then the next day (i.e. Nov 18th, 2014), SVSFX informed me of closing my account and would refund me 12990.37 only, because I didn't send...
  7. N fraud marketting stratergy

    I got a call from marketing executive Ms Sahani Morayes to open an account and will give me a trading training session and confirmed in writing that they will guide until I get confident with the market. But after I deposit my account my account manager...
  8. A

    Scam forex broker named SVSFX.

    I had sufficient balance in my MT4 account login:11724 with SVSFX. I sent withdrawal request for $514.30 on 14-11-2014 and having sufficient balance $1094 with equity $710 in my account until 20-11-2014. They did not considered my withdrawal request to process till 20-11-2014 and was not...
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