10 Markets


What a horrible experience with 10 markets..Stay away........started in February with $500USD I was very quickly talked into another $2000.00USD. I then I had a life changing car accident and requested my money back because i was not able to concentrate on learning to trade. I was then talked into having Dylan Woods manage my account until was able to get back on my feet...long story short....my account was then traded away to $32.00 as I watched my account lose money I requested that all trading be stopped and nothing happened. The final answer was... there is nothing they could do for me......A big and expensive lesson learned..It's all a big money grab...be careful....
How did you deposit?

Go ahead and email a link to this thread to Dylan. Ask him to come here and explain how his "expert" trading skills wiped out your account.
Pharaoh.....thanks for the feed back I've had plenty of communication with Dylan Woods to no avail...he just keeps passing it off or ignoring the true facts (no conscience). I will most certainly try again and see if he will respond to this thread(not holding my breath). There seem to be a lot of these kind of people in this business(smooth talking, money grabbing, no morals) Its unfortunate but this world can be such an immoral place. I keep my head up and try to laugh every day. It's all I can do. cheers.
Don't give up so easily. How did you deposit your money? Credit card, bank wire, something else?

Although Dylan will probably ignore it, send him the link to this thread.
I made the deposit by credit card.....they now have me in contact with a Gabriel Nelson who said he's there to "make it all better" for me. Some senior account manager above the other 2 I have already spoken. I shared all my correspondence from Dylan woods with him and I am still waiting to hear back from him. Thanks again for your feedback..its nice to know someones on my side
If you get any hint of a request for depositing more money, consider that to be absolute proof that the company (not just one person in the company) is actively trying to scam you.
Thanks for the advise .........they all try to get more money out of you...and they are all smooth talking very convincing that they are doing the best thing in the whole wide world for you.....ya right...Are they all actually trying to scam us or are there some legitimately trying to make you money so they can in fact become profitable as well?...Is our world really this corrupt? I would like to think there might be some good honest brokers out there. (Broker you have...Broker you get)...lol...thanks again for your reply.