Services Offered [ANN] [POW] KTC Exchange торговая система



The first independent platform with a unique ever-growing rate, KTC has become a multi-functional currency platform that can be delivered to the consumer.
We offer currency exchange on the website in the most popular payment directions, using web messengers, browser cross-platform, for trading the ktc / usd currency pair on the market
Instant buying and selling of currency is available through a simplified interface.
The payment system has developed a multi-level affiliate system with an individual approach to each client, from beginners on the Internet to institutional traders.
The service operates all over the world, a huge selection of payment methods for buying and selling currencies and a round-the-clock support team are accompanied by a time-tested stability that guarantees the safety of assets and data.


KTC - Every purchased block grows

KTC - Generates your computer on the KTC.CASH mining pool

Mining, the ability to start mining absolutely free on any video card with minimal consumption!

Generations of any class are suitable, each pc has its own 1 key with a unique hash rate
You can increase the HashRate by increasing the number of active partners, the KTC mining program increases the power automatically.

For every purchased 10.000 coins, the rate increases by 1%
~ 0.0001% every up for every coin purchased block

Starting course:

Purchase rate:
$ 0.01 (100%)

Selling rate
0.0080 $ (80%)

-10% It goes to the miner who extracted the network key from each purchase of his mined key
-5% to the partner of the 1st level
-3% Partner level 2
-0.5% for partner level 3
-0.25% for partner level 4
-0.125% For partner level 5


Today KTC is presenting new features of BlockChain, a unique development of network marketing allows the KTC financial system to be already completely open for community members, to be as transparent as possible for each user.
KeyTC - For the first time, we implemented a system where each signed digital partner is associated with an invitee to BlockChain
KeyTC - controls the algorithm of a given exchange rate set in advance and follows the created financial mechanism, which under its system can bring incredibly high interest rates with a completely transparent market.
KeyTC - records transfers, purchases, sales, transactions, your partners and transfers data to the official web resources of the community.

Mining Pool KTC - the architecture of which works and is based on the blockchain, the pool is adapted to the standard of decentralized digital mining (BGKT- Blockchain Golden Key Technology), the creators of this technology is an integrated company partner of the World Mining Pool.

In simple words, this technology guarantees KTC mining without ASICs, POW Mining based on the KeyAlgo + Lyra2Rev3 algorithm allows signing with a digital name of each participant in the system.
For the full functioning of the system, KeyChain must be associated with the official repository located on the website - KTC.EXCHANGE

Your partners attracted by community members are displayed in KeyTC and receive transfers pre-installed by the system within the platform and blockchain.

The KTC platform invites community members to start mining other altcoins with us to further popularize the KTC product on algorithms: Sha-256, DaggerHashimoto and many others.

Current partner topics on the CryptoTalk forum

Implemented Platform Smart Contracts allow the community to build:
Покупка недвижимости и выплата% по кредитной программе с использованием функций "целевое назначение"

Auto programs in over 100 countries
Payment and closure of debts / loans of the system participant to the bank
And many other useful features.


Exclusive Mining is already available to users from day 1, which can bring tremendous results to the holder of the block key, thanks to which its owner can receive a reward of 10% from each purchase of his block, while each new block is 0.0001% more expensive than the previous one, which makes the block fit numbers 14,999,999 and 15,000,000 are the most expensive in the system.
На официальном веб-ресурсе вы всегда можете гарантированно продать KTC за сгенерированную стоимость. Unofficial web resources can offer a price both above and below the guaranteed market value or services provided by smart contracts of the system.

KTC exchange:
1.Website, exchange at current rates and automatic withdrawal to cryptocurrencies, bank cards and popular payment systems.
2.P2P KTC platform, exchange between users around the world for cash, electronic payment systems, bank cards, electronic goods and other services.
3. Exchange for a Smart contract on the platform, according to suitable criteria / conditions.
4. Other sites, after moderation, safe resources will be published on the platform.

Coin formula:

15.000.000 KTC MAXIMUM Maximum number of coins issued

Algorithm: Lyra2Rev3

Block Time 1:00