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I have repeatedly posted this on every social media... I DON'T have a telegram channel, I DON'T sell signals and EAs, and I DON'T train or provide courses. If you were more attentive and read my Mayfxbook, then you could see that I wrote repeatedly that I have NO telegram channel/account.

If I were looking for these scammers, I would not have time to trade. Moreover, I can not influence this in any way.

These channels and accounts have NOTHING to do with me.

Everyone is responsible for sources of information to use.

Nice scam you piece of ****.

This guy "AlwaysTheFirst" finally showed his face in this conversation as he was trying to defend his OWN SCAM, against ANOTHER SCAM(ROI).

Both of them are multiple offenders who been trying to scam people for years and continue to do so.

If law enforcement gets involved, you can trace this user "AlwaysTheFirst" and eventually reach the actual Accent Forex // Anthony Wins scammer behind the screen.


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