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This is the review that made me start this thread. It's well written, very detailed, and has a great suggestion at the end.

I don't know what insane masochist would keep this EA running on a live account, I should be committed.

Additional information: Last night I added the EA to the GBPUSD pair. It immediately opened a sell position at a low, it moved into and hovered around a 4 PIP profitable position. Looked good. I came back an hour later, that same position was still open, and now in a loss position. It moved to a 32 PIP loss, and eventually recovered a bit. When it got down in the 10 PIP loss range, I manually closed it. It immediately reopened another sell position. This second position moved down and I manually closed it out with a 4 PIP profit. It immediately opened a third sell position.

I noticed that if I had left the original position, it also would have been profitable. Maybe I was being impatient and need to walk away and leave it alone....

I checked my account this morning, in horror, to see a loss over 100 PIP's. I checked my margin, it was on the edge, but decided to let it ride and see if it recovers. 20 minutes later I got an email that the position had closed. When I checked, it hit a margin call at a 232 PIP loss.

I suggest Forex Peace Army open a room for addicts. This is unhealthy, I've wiped out my account completely five times now. :)
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