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BINARY INTERNATIONAL - Just Got Paid and Free Software


Hi Guys,

Just wanted to update everyone on my trial with Binary International. They are a new binary broker that was a new twist, they have a suite of software downloads that you can attach to a demo account and practice trading.

I signed up awhile back because I wanted the CAD/JPY trading indictor, as well as a 60 second and 5 minute indicator. The software is pretty cool stuff and you can build your own trading systems based on mixing and matching a few things.

Below is my review.

1. Customer Service - I would give them a solid A. The live chat operators all seemed to have a good grasp of the English language and understood my test questions. I dealt with Ray and Steve on different occasions and both seemed to know their stuff.

2. Payout - I would never write a review unless I got my payout from them and that is why I am writing. They were awesome. I read so many reviews about broker payout issues on here. Granted, I did have to complete the KYC forms (know your customer mandatory stuff for anti-money laundering), but you have to do that everywhere. I got hot with a 60 second EA and make about $400 over a few days and decided to test them. The first rule was the amount that you send them off a credit card, goes back on the credit card. After that you can have your winnings as bank wire or debit card. I chose bank wire so I am not sure how the debit card works.

I had my credit card refunded for my deposit in a few days and bank wire arrived within a day after that.

3. Bonuses - They have a 200% bonus going right now which is nice and the software indicators are very cool to play around with. I don't think any other broker gives software away as well.

4. The payout % is pretty high as well, so it seems industry standard.


1. Customer service live chat is only on about 14-16 hours per day..

2. Japanese on the site is listed but seemed to not be loading correctly.

3. The 200% bonus is for the first time deposit, not for the second or third.

I will be sending some money back now that I tested them and trying their rollover feature and some other stuff and report back...

So far, very impressive.

Dagger Blitz
Get $500 pkg!

Just signed up, better to sign up with the $500 package at a minimum, the full software is included that way, not the more limited $250 package ... On installing, I received an error that my system C++ software is too new for them, and it wouldn't install... Sent a note to support...

It looks fairly good so far...


Just received a message to skip that step, then...., we'll see on receiving the software that's included with the 500 package..
Well, Binary International, their "prediction" software more or less works, I'm hitting "maybe" 50% or so, depending how quickly I can enter the trade, (important to quickly hit the trade!). I shifted to 5 minute trades, gives a bit more time before the trade ends. It's touchy in that some trades are better than others..
just got their software yesterday. trying it out. 1 mins trades is too fast. i am trying the 5 and 15 mins too...am yet to see 70%....

How is going so far? How is the indicators/software performing? How much profit did you made so far? We need some update on this and if possible screenshot of the result on live account please.
Binary International scammed me

Hi, I saw this thread about Binary International (binaryinternational.com).

I want to warn others to stay away from this site, as from my experience, it seems to be a scam.

Let me say before anything else that I am a fully verified client on this site, successfully completing the KYC and AML requirements.

I made a $250 deposit by credit card, and received the $500 bonus. Then I traded enough to "unlock" the bonus amount. I won enough to withdraw $250 via credit card, which was pending.
Then I won big a couple times, earning $450, and about $500 respectively. I immediately requested to withdraw these profits via bank wire, and initially they were pending.

However, last night I applied to withdraw $500 of profits, and today I logged in to find that all pending withdrawals had been cancelled! Even the very first credit card withdrawal, which had been pending for weeks already, was cancelled.

All pending funds were returned to my account balance, and the amount available to withdrawal lowered from $1102 last night to just $10 this morning. So basically I can't withdraw anything, and any further attempts will be denied. I'd say that's a sure sign of a scam.

Note that I backup my claims with screenshots if requested.

So stay away from Binaryinternational.com. If you win too much, they'll scam you
Open a thread on them in the Scam Alerts folder and post all the screenshots there.