No response for now. They only mentioned to wait until police investigation is finished. Even then the chance is slim, if they use a money mule to hide their identity.
From my experience, the first account you wired funds to is a holding account only. The funds are there 1 to 3 business days max and are then moved immediately to other bank accounts. The beneficiary accounts change frequently, usually monthly, so that there is not a long history with the bank for large volume of funds being moved in and out of an account over a long period of time. I'll try to hunt for more information on these scammers and will post updates as I dig further.
As the Australian based director of GASO, I am currently lobbying the Federal Government here for changes in the current Law Enforcement investigative treatment of Cybercrime financial market fraud and its victims. There is a big push coming on this with the incredible numbers that are being researched both here in Australia and worldwide. The lobby is that a special Cyber fraud investigating force be established via the AFP and/or ACIC in order to take individual cases of these sophisticated financial investment scams out of the hands of ill equipped and unmotivated local police and uplift them to a new division which will be much better trained, resourced, and should possess the necessary powers to carry out more intricate and far reaching investigations into the origins of these scammers via the tracing of bank transfers and crypto wallets, the platforms they utilize, and the social media platforms they communicate on in order to source their victims for example. The goal is the uncovering the true identities of the criminals involved and bringing far many more of them to justice than is sadly not the case at present as is happening with more regularity under the FBI in the US recently :

If those out there would be so kind to file their details (we need particularly name of scammer FX site or Crypto wallet, dollar value amounts and bank account details, and any summary background story you wish to share. You can certainly maintain your personal anonymity if preferred also. We just need the data.

Thanks and if you can upload these to our website : it would be very much appreciated and hopefully we can make a difference together !!

Are you a victim of a Romance/Pig Slaughtering scam? Please also consider the resources available at the Global Anti-Scam Organization (GASO). If you need immediate assistance they have live chat available 24 hours a day to help victims.

You can also follow GASO on Facebook at:全球反诈骗组织-107018671627215/
I live in singapore and made report to singapore police. I have some police investigative officer friends who says that chances of getting back capital is slim
1: these scammers may put fake ad to hire ppl to become mule to transfer money
2: once these mule transfer money means money may gone forever
3: it takes abt 4 mths to complete the investigatiom but always ends up inconclusive, as the mules have already made the transfer to the scammers
Please also contact the Global Anti-Scam Organization as they have contacts in the Singapore Police department. They have live chat available on their website to help all victims.