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This is a SCAM company. Customers who have used their trade copier is also making losses after 1 month. I tried their services for over 4days and lost 600+pips, when I asked for their own 4days of results they had a lost of 160+pips. They refused to process my refunds and replied that 4days is too short to judge. Yet various reviews by customers here showed that they have also lost money after using the signals over 3 months! An email reply from a person named Mark Jobs, told me that he will refund me if after 21days I am still not satisfied with the services. I have asked for refund since 27/Sep (purchase was 23/sep), upon receiving reply that refund will be given after 21days, I filed another email for refund on 18/Oct, 20/Oct and 22/Oct. All emails were NOT replied. I have also filed relevant email communications, receipts, cancellation notice, and Mark Jobs reply to my bank to try to resolve and investigate this refund.

BuyForexSignals also offered me 2 other signal services (also by BuyForexSignals) to "compensate" for my losses. Both of which I rejected, as I felt that this was their tactic to refused a refund. Please help to post this to the courts and contact me as to outcome


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Buyforexsignals scam

I pay via credit card, via their eseller site,


This is the reply I got from I tried to get into to view my cancellation date as my bank wanted this record. I did a screen dump of this cancellation notice (after I cancelled on site), but this was not dated and I did not keep the mail acknowledgement. My own record showed 27/Sep/2012 (according to my own notes, as attachment to this SCAM Alert folder), please refer to their reply and my mail to them (
Hi John,

Thank you for the prompt action. I have been communicating with BuyForexSignals on 18/Oct, 20/Oct, 22/Oct, 23/Oct to ask for a refund. A mail I received from Mark Jobs replied to me that if I am still unhappy about the services, he will do the refund after 21days of using the services. Since my purchase was made on 23/Sep, I sent a mail on 18/oct (about 21days), but this was unanswered. After searching through my own record, I did a screen dump of the cancellation notice but this was not dated on your site.

I am putting this refund mail for my bank's attention so that they know this issue has been actioned on.

Attn to Chargeback@UOBGroup: Please note this refund email by the ecommerce provider for BuyForexSignals.Com, and notify me either by email or call when refunds have been credited. Please find my contact below:

On Thu, Oct 25, 2012 at 4:12 AM, eSellerate - End User Support <> wrote:



Thank you for your message. I'm sorry to hear that you've had trouble obtaining a refund from

I do see that you had canceled the renewal of your subscription, but unfortunately I don't have the exact date on which you submitted the cancellation request.

However, I have issued a full refund per your request. A refund in the amount of $1,299.00 will post back to your Visa card account within 3-5 business days (or sooner), so there's no need to pursue the issue with the card's issuing bank.

If you have any questions, please send us an e-mail message at rather than replying to this message.


John Trumble
eSellerate Client Services

Ticket Information:
Ticket #: 10054615
Date Created: 10/21/2012 07:01 PM CDT
Summary: Error: Pub_NotApproved
Details: I was trying to view my recurring payments for this merchant "BuyForexSignals.Com" as I remembered that I have cancelled the recurring charges. Since the merchant refused to refund my purchases, I am getting the bank to deal with the investigation. In order to do this, I would like a record of when I cancelled the order (as I have not kept the mail acknowledgement),

Order #: ST79457963

When I login to your site, with my email, and the order# above, I receive the error message above. Please provide me with a duplicate/fresh copy of my cancellation record.
I really appreciate what has done for me. esellerate actually does not do refund and the refund processing and rules and regulations are all regulated by their merchants, NOT by them. This is clearly stated in their site. If you are inviting esellerate John Trumble in to the discussion, I owe a BIG THANKS as it was clear he did it to help me with this refund and was an exception. Unlike PayPal which unconditionally gave 30 days (was it 30days or 60days) guarantee and refunds are processed via PayPal, esellerate does not handle this portion. I am really extremely glad that this issue has come to an end, as it is now 30days since my subscription, I was actually ready for a bitter fight between my bank and the seller over the dispute. This outcome was both surprising and welcoming to me!

Thank you John from and thank you forexpeacearmy for having such a forum for us to post our issues with forex related services/products.

Please temporarily placed this under "Resolved" and I shall post again when the refund is credited to properly closed the thread.

Anyone who had dealt with BuyForexSignals (BFS) and had issues with the refunds, I would urge these customers to quickly (within the 30days or 21days of using the services) to send a mail to esellerate, and John can help you. Also please do the following:
1) Keep all invoices, cancellation notice either via screen dump or printouts and date all these for tracking purposes
2) Keep all email communications with BuyForexSignals
3) Cancel with by login with your userid and order# (You can view your order# using your email to retrieve it, keep this order#). You may need to create a userid in order to login
4) Communicate with BuyForexSignals and email them the cancellation notice and preferably your records of trading results, I kept EACH and EVERY trade via EXCEL and ALL these trades TALLY with their SMS signals. I also kept ALL trade signals into my email folder (create a separate folder and kept all mails from BFS, as well as another folder for BFS signals)
5) Try to communciate with BFS at least 3 times regarding your refunds.
6) DO NOT accept alternative signal services from BFS, this may indicate that you are still willing to trade with their signals and they may refused to refund based on this
7) Communicate with your bank (if you pay via credit card) and get the refund investigated and filed all requested documentation with your bank (I had to file invoice, cancellation date, email comms between myself and BFS) and get their help with the refund
8) As a last resort try to contact esellerate for help. I cannot say on John's behalf whether this is welcome to him, as explained esellerate is very clear about refunds being the jurisdiction of their sellers.
To FPA (ForexPeaceArmy)

BTW: Mark Jobs, in one of his email, replied that he always travel to Thailand and that he suspected that I was threatening him when I told him that I had filed for an investigation with my bank and in Singapore, if the case gets escalated to Consumers Association (CA), the company can get blacklisted. Once an organisation is blacklisted by CA in Singapore, then banks will stop paying them as the blacklist gets listed onto banks database. He did not believe this and mocked me by insulating that he is well aware of Singapore's laws and such (by citing his frequent travels to Thailand). I told him that since he always visited Thailand, he may be well aware of Thailand's regulatory policies, and if he thinks that Singapore operates in the same manner as Thailand, then he is wrong. FYI, Singapore has world bank reputation as well as regulation and licence. Secondly, Singapore is south of Thailand, NOT an island that belongs to Thailand. What he did not know at that time of making this unprofessional remark, was that I had already alerted my bank regarding this issue and my bank had already started the investigation.

I received the recharge forms and instructions on how to file for dispute in order to demand refunds from my bank on 22/Oct (Singapore's time, as my bank goes by 30days of refund policy for most businesses, my purchase was made on 24/Sep, Singapore Time and 23/Sep USA time). As you can see from the above email, I asked for the cancellation notice from on 21Oct (their time) and got John to look into this and replied on 25/Oct and as you will also notice, John replied that he will help with the refund and asked me to stop the investigation from my bank. In fact, the site was not able to let me view the cancellation notice and the error Pub_NotApproved, the reason was that product line was no longer available through esellerate site. I was asking for help to retrieve the cancellation notice for my bank's documentation, but I had not anticipated that this simple email to esellerate will get so much more attention than I expected (since I already knew that esellerate DOES NOT process refunds, my mail did not ask esellerate for a refund). It was indeed very surprising for me regarding this refund outcome

PS: WHO's the fool now? Google on Singapore's world class bank status before you email something you may just lived to regret! Not everyone will just let such an amount go without trying various ethical and professional ways to get what was due, and not when that person is so meticulous to keep all Signals, all mails, all necessary documentations.

IMHO, this is the result of this battle:

Singapore customer vs BFS: Singapore WINS

BFS, STRIKE OUT, BLACK OUT, DO NOT TRY to get anymore customers now that anyone reading my scam alert knows how to DEAL with you!

PPS: Thailand has its own banking policies and regulations and in fact every country is different. To be world class is not easy and certainly Singapore has obtained that! When I replied to Mark Jobs that he is mistaken that Singapore's bank regulations are same as Thailand, I meant this, not to belittle or make rude remarks on other countries' banking regulations.
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Good job sending all the documentation to the right place.

Please leave a followup confirming that the money arrived. Also, please post about what happened on any other forex sites you may be a member of. The more people who know about this, the more will be able to get refunds if they have the same problem.


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Hi, Pharaoh

Could you help to edit my post and BLANK out my name and HP number which I have accidentally left when I copied the email into this court case? Thanks a lot.
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Just want to add that my bank has informed that amount was credited back to my credit card. Please close the case, but marked as GUILTY, so that other investors will know to avoid BFS, and also know how to deal with them regards refunds!