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Discuss Check if fxrevenues.com is okay

General discussions of a financial company
thank you for your advice , I have blocked his phone as he was ringing every day , I did answer 1 call , he did try and persuade me to put 40.000 in. , to get him of the phone I said I would send 10.000 the next day, the account is in profit it shows , he said we missed out on profits because I didn't answer my phone but they can do anything there end as he has done before.
Hi has anyone used fxrevenues as I am at the moment, I lost 20000 dollars as I was told I had more sell than buy so margin dropped to a couple of hundred dollars, was told they needed to sort as quickly as possible, they have lent me 40000 dollars for a month which I had to sign for on line , but it will be a struggle to find so are these contracts binding as I can't afford to loose anymore money ? ,would appreciate if anyone had some advice please, Steve
Hi there I have just seen this. I have a FX Rev account and have had it for just over a year. I must admit, it has been difficult to comprehend initially, and I even had my Account Manager changed and my current Account Manager is brilliant, very much a better synergy with me, very comfortable with my account since my Account Manager changed. Personally you can do well if you have larger amounts of money to invest. Yes I have had a few credit agreements but from the outset you must be clear in what you want.
I signed an agreement to receive withdrawals which I have received based on the monthly tradeable profit, they take about a week to come through and in the past the withdrawals were facilitated by Amex FX International.
It is not a get rich quick scheme, and need to be in it for a year with decent amount invested to see the benefits. Lets just say this is my pension.
The key thing is to have a great Account Manager who is supportive and understanding of your concerns and tailors the trades to my needs and based on my age. So suggest asking for a change in Account Manager and outlining what you can and cannot do.