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Country Risk Report - Western Europe

Discussion in 'Market Predictions and Reports' started by f-man, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. f-man

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    Dec 5, 2010
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    A very interesting updated report about the current situation in many Counties worldwide, divided by Continents:

    Austria The important manufacturing sector shows further signs of deterioration.
    Belgium Downside risks to economic and financial stability increase amid concerns over euro-zone contagion.
    Cyprus D&B downgrades Cyprus country risk rating due to the escalating Greek debt crisis.
    Denmark Although the recent economic contraction was not as large as previously thought, downside risks persist.
    Finland The country overcomes the political deadlock but downside risks remain.
    France Despite favourable bank stress test results, the French financial sector remains vulnerable to risks in the euro area.
    Germany Financial sector risk remains elevated following the release of EU bank stress test results.
    Greece The EU agrees a second bailout plan to avert the risk of a Greek default.
    Iceland D&B upgrades Iceland's country risk rating due to higher-than-expected economic growth.
    Ireland Economic growth data surprises on the upside, but the outlook remains uncertain.
    Italy D&B downgrades Italy's country risk rating amid rising sovereign debt risk, significant political uncertainty and sluggish growth prospects.
    Luxembourg Increasing ECB interest rates pose a threat to growth prospects.
    Malta The economy loses momentum on the back of falling domestic demand.
    Netherlands The economy undergoes a period of weakness amid a drop in manufacturing orders.
    Norway A terrorist attack clouds the immediate security risk outlook but long-term effects should be limited.
    Portugal A new government takes office amid the urgent need to bring the public finances under control.
    Spain Contagion risk and uncertain political direction contribute to a weakening business environment.
    Sweden The economic outlook remains favourable but the business cycle is beginning to slow.
    Switzerland The strong franc has harmful effects for export-orientated sectors.
    Turkey Rapidly expanding economic growth stokes fears that the economy could overheat.
    United Kingdom The softening of growth in exports and manufacturing is a further cause for concern.

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