Developing an EA


Hello, I am intersted in turning my system into an EA, but have no idea how to go about this, is it best to hire someone as I dont have the time to learn. And can you trust the person or company you employ. Its a very simple system. Thanks


There are a few coders sites listed under Software in the reviews as well as some ads in the Services Offered section of the FPA's classified ads.

Finding reliable help can be difficult. The coder could take your pet ideas and run off with them. Other than trying to find someone with reliable references, I don't know an easy way to avoid this. I suppose one option would be to have the coder work on some other idea you have that doesn't have as much profit potential and see if the job is done correctly or not.



Best way to go about Building a Ea , is thru

a Indicator.

The Indicator can then be Read by the EA.

If the Indicator does Not Perform Then it would
be a waste of Time Developing a EA.

Most Trading Methods , make use of a Algorithm or

Procedure , to Trade.

(ex. If a, b, c then Trade to Buy Side ).

This can be Coded into a Indicator and Played
Back to see How it Performed, over so many Bars and
also Run on Diffr Time Frames, and Pairs to see
which Pairs it Performs, and which pairs it does Not.

The Volatility in Diffr pairs can Affect, how the Trade
Method Performs. (Where Stop Loss should be , etc )

This Way you can get a Idea if its Rdy for Prime Time, and
which Pairs to Trade and what Time Frame it should
be Traded , as well as when it should Trade.

You can also use it for Manual Trading , the Indicator.


Have you BackTested your Method Completely, to

see if it can Work in Diffr Trading Environments ?
(Choppy, Trending, RANGE etc )

Your Trade Plan must be Able to Perform well in a Manual BackTest FIRST

of @ Least 50 Trades, in the Type of Markets I mentioned,


The Stop Loss should be CLEAR , AND THE Target price

Determined , before the trade is Placed. The Manual

BackTest should Perform the Same every Time, without

Emotions getting in the Way

Hope this Info Helps

I can be reached for further Discussion



If your system is worth my time then I will program it for you at no cost under the condition that I can test it and use it if it's profitable. If you prefer to keep the EA private then I will not share it anywhere.


Edit: I have just noticed that I only have 2 posts on this forum so it might look a bit suspicious and you might think I am just trying to steal your strategy. But I can assure you that I have 100's of posts on other forums and have filled many requests ranging from EA creation to indicator modification.


May I make a proposition?

Quite a few people here have had ideas for EAs. How about we see who else can post some thoughts in this thread and see if we can "groupthink" an EA concept that you'll code.

Since this is public, I'd recommend against anyone sharing any "Holy Grails" that are in the back of their mainds, but instead think we should aim for something with a modest rate of return and limited drawdowns.

This would give Chris a chance to show off his skills and maybe everyone can learn a little something.


Sorry I am going off the subject, but I am new to forum posting and am not quite sure how to find my way around.
I would like to ask Pharoah a Q tho , as to where one can find a list of reliable brokers.


So much for keeping things on topic.

Read this:

And you can also see some people who have had happy experiences with brokers here:

Back to the topic at hand - For any EA to have a good chance of not blowing an account in the long run, it needs stringent risk management. This must be accomplished through a combination of position sizing and stoploss. The danger is that brokers can see your SL and some will hunt your stops. Not having a hard stop puts the account in extreme danger if there is a loss of connectivity to the broker.

My best idea for a compromise on this. The EA will have 2 stoplosses for each trade. One is an "emergency stop" which is a set SL that the broker can see. This will risk a larger percent of the account, but will only be used if the connection between the EA and broker fails. The emergency stop will be far enough down to be a less tempting target for stop hunting, but not so far that using it will wreck the account. The real SL will be a close command sent from the EA when price reaches the "invisible stop" that the EA has selected.