New Forex Stuff EA Profit Empire Robot is a scam


I have read the information here
Profit Empire Robot Metatrader Expert Advisor Test by Forex Peace Army
and decided to purchase this expert advisor (profit empire robot)
On they website states that they offer expert advisor (profit empire robot).

Terms and Conditions | Profit Empire Robot
" After purchasing profit empire robot , you will receive an e-mail containing a download link to the (1) profit empire robot and (2) instruction manual. You are then required to provide with your MetaTrader account numbers for your real and demo accounts and, thereafter, will send you the Verification Codes and another file (DLL file) needed to authenticate and operate the profit empire robot. "

I enclose a screenshot of conditions from they site.

They are asking them to pay $ 1,200 for each year of use.
I paid through PayPal them $ 100 for the first month

They sent me instead expert advisor copier trades over the Internet. I have a lot of experience with copiers trades over the Internet, and I know how much they are not reliable in case of any problems with host.

Before I start trading, I always look at the report from strategy tester over the past three years with 99% modeling quality.

I can not test the copier signals in the strategy tester.

On their website they state that they sell is the robot itself, but instead send the buyer a regular copier signals.

It's a big difference.

I also checked their copier signals. It provides a lotr of requests for trade server broker.

thousands of errors (market closed)

2013.11.03 20:13:03 '30021733': order buy limit 0.49 EURUSD opening at 1.34727 sl: 0.00000 tp: 0.00000 failed [Market is closed]

Please see the log file

For such errors broker will block my account very quickly.

Their experience does not enable normally even setting for the copier signals
Due to the fact that I can not test an expert (they told me it just was not given), I asked to send reports of the strategy tester.
They said that they were tested earlier, but they refused to give me any reports.

As a result, now the situation is as follows:
1. Seller is not provided me with a product that I paid money:
- The expert advisor (profit empire robot) itself.
- Verification Codes and another file (DLL file) needed to authenticate and operate the profit empire robot
I was forced to open the dispute in PayPal.
2. Copy the signals from the seller is very dangerous to use
3. Seller refused to give me any backtest reports
4. The seller refuses to give me a robot, and refuses to return the money
5. The seller offered me (if I'm afraid to trade blindly) to trade on a demo account paying him $ 100 every month.


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At least you received something from them. I sent them the money & there was total silence. I tried contacting them twice in the day after purchase asking where my robot was. Nothing but crickets chirping. I would have been happy to even get a trade copier with the myfxbook record they have. Receiving nothing, then seeing your complaint here, I went right to the paypal resolution center & filed a complaint for non-receipt of product. Paypal almost immediately reversed the charges. Does paypal know/suspect these guys are fraudulent?