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Euro Direction

Discussion in 'Market Predictions and Reports' started by globalcurrencymarkets.com, Oct 18, 2009.

  1. globalcurrencymarkets.com

    Oct 4, 2009
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    As Global News arise from USA Governament via large speculators like Soros, we feel the direct need as Global News arise from USA Governament via large speculators like Soros, we feel the direct need to update our analysis with fundamental insight which reflect our position in serving you and making you feel comfort about your opened orders via our analysis.

    As we predicted before that the Euro will rise to above 1.65 via below chart which does not indicate clearly this rise.

    But this rise was well confirmed by the NZD chart which Indicate that nzd will rise to a new record in the below chart and which confirm the bull in Oil services stocks will outperfrom the Dow.

    the nzd rally will by sustained by rally in oil stocks, the nzd rally is the oil rally, but with speculative trading at this time to void JPY rise and to pull cash from JAPAN.

    AS mentioned, This outperformance will be driven by Oil rally, and advanced or pricing advanced very speculative rise of oil into energy stocks this upcoming speculation was confirmed by Today news of Soros which invested 1 Billion in energy solutions.

    this investment came with a hope that other countries will follow to spend in this so far called solutions, like many cases which is clear to all of us when USA try to pul cash from around the globe.

    The case is clear who will spend cash in energy solutions in bear market of energy, or commodities!

    This spculation will be priced in Euro, The USD will be sold at large as many traders will forecast that oil will advance to new record high, But Oil will not pass the past record for the next 12 to 15 years.

    There is no demand, we are in bear market rally, oil cant rise in bear market rally more than the rise in bull market of commodities.

    1-Oil in bull market has not passed the 150 USD.

    2-Oil cant pass this level in the first Bear Market rally, there is no Fundamental demand in bear more than bull.

    this decline that oil will rise in the same model of nzd chart.

    simply,..how oil will rise to above 150 USD? such us rise must be confirmed by Housing market bull and housing prices return to upside, but the JPY is not confirming this point at 0.90 levels, and confirm that Housing is going to worst and that the news of today is just to pull money from Japan, JPY will go to below 0.70 oin 2010.


    USA Gov give cash to Soros via FED support, the man make cash and then Soros and banks like Jp Morgan Sustain the Economic policy in USA, usa like JP Morgan and they give them banks like Bear Straens.


    Noble Prize in peace given to Obama confirm that Europe does not want Nuke conflict with USA and UK.

    Russia must feel ok and terror attacks must be voided as all of us know that Russia make terror attacks and Nuke conflicts when Oil does not rise.

    This will sustain our analysis of Oil Rally to 120 levels, the noble prize confirm stabilty, stabilty cant came without russian support.


    the positive new coming from oil sector which was confirmed by past oil rally we forecast before from 35 to 75 will be also confirmed by positive outlook as oil will go higher (we built direction for next 2 years).

    companies made cash as oil traded higher and will make more cash as oil will be going more higher.

    we like to buy Hal and Patterson uti energy which may risr to 28 usd later from 16 traded today.

    this indicate that euro will be going higher by haliburton comments on friday which will push oil up and euro up.

    Roberto Jbili

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