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Problem Exposing Trades.com,Simpletrades.com,Tradesfinancial.com,Financegroup-eu.com,NESSfx.com,FXnet.com,FGS Markets,BelFX,OloFX,Aston Markets et all

I am having an issue with a company

Scam Reporters

Sergeant Major
All good things come to those who wait, so the saying goes. Well, sometimes it actually is true. It is quite interesting to see how some scattered information, bits and peaces here and there, combined with unexpected anonymous hacking on scam broker website can lead to a full story, that can cover the entire scam workflow. Or the most of it, any way. Let's go, buckle-up.
Nota bene: trades.com should not be mixed with www.trade.com we are not aware of any relationship.

Recently something unusual happened. Going through various information on FPA regarding this Trades.com we checked the respective web page and were surprised to see the following:

FPA Forums Team Note: The Trades.com site was hacked. Hacking is a crime. The FPA prefers to not host images which were placed by criminals.

The name is in line with our whistle-blower's findings quite some time ago (2018-2019). The name Tal was confirmed to us multiple times from many insiders. We were also confirmed his bully-alike behavior towards boiler room employees. In short, an unpleasant character, to say the least. But let's go from the beginning, shall we?

Meet yet another boiler room operator, ups sorry BPO/call-center/business consultancy 'company': OPTIMUS LEAD MANAGEMENT LTD, previously known as EXXO GLOBE LTD. And its scam regulated and unregulated brands, as indicated above.

Optimus Lead Management DOO, as well as previous one Exxo Globe DOO are companies incorporated in Belgrade, Republic of Serbia. Seems a well known place.

Official websites: https://en.optimuslead.rs/ , https://wa-com.com/exxoglobe.com
Registrar: Optimus Lead , Exxo Globe addresses changed nominally for both in the registrar, but remained the same office at Belgrade, Gavrila Principa no.57, (also registered as address for both, pls remember it as it becomes crucial piece of info later on). All changes neatly stored in official registrars, hence cannot be erased, ever. Exxoglobe was eventually lapsed worthless due to bad tax debt and sold off to a new nominee for a retainer fee (a common business, kinda' illegal). A new company was thus designed, Optimus Lead and is still active and present on scam scene, per local reports.
Other websites: https://www.facebook.com/exxoglobe/, https://www.facebook.com/pages/cate...eting/Optimus-Lead-Managment-383395642277668/

Exxoglobe domain was, as we can see, open by one Mr. Milos Simic: https://wa-com.com/exxoglobe.com , under his name another domain was registered as well: NessFX broker. So to memorize:

This is the same Milos Simic who incorporated the company Exxoglobe DOO:
(extract from publicly available registrar)
Nessfx https://nessfx.com/ is owned and operated by FXNET Limited, a CySEC regulated CIF https://www.fxnet.com/eu/ and there are BelFx and OloFx as well, below from websites, as states:
Nessfx is owned and operated by FXNET Limited; a Cypriot Investment Firm, which is authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), under license number 182/12, incorporated and registered under the laws of the Republic of Cyprus (Certificate of Incorporation No. 300624).
This domain (www.fxnet.com) is owned and operated by BelFX Limited; an International Business Company which is authorised and regulated by the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) under License number IFSC/60/260/TS/17. BelFx Ltd is incorporated and registered under the laws of Belize (Certificate of Incorporation No. 130266).
Registered address: No. 5 Cork Street, 3rd Floor, Belize City, Belize (Certificate of Incorporation No. 130266).

BelFX Limited owns OLOFX Limited - a European Company, which serves as a payment administrator for BelFX Ltd. OLOFX Ltd is incorporated under the Laws of the Republic of Cyprus with the registration number HE 351124 and having its registered address at 37 Theklas Lysioti, GEMINI HOUSE, Floor 3, Office 301, 3030 Limassol, Cyprus.
The domain www.fxnet.com/eu is owned and operated by FxNet Limited; Cypriot Investment Firm, which is authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), under license number 182/12. FxNet Ltd is incorporated and registered under the laws of the Republic of Cyprus (Certificate of Incorporation No. 300624).Registered address: 4 Theklas Lysioti St, Harmony House, Office 31, 3rd Floor, 3030 Limassol, Cyprus.

Both companies job advertisements for the past years are full of Forex/trading indications, as well as targeted languages (hence, targeted leads - English, Spanish, Arabic, French). If one just compares brands reviews and complaints, it will add up. We could post piles here but the idea is to research your selves as well.

Now we finally arrive to www.trades.com The brand operator used to be this:

Trade Up Ltd is an offshore that used to be on trades.com website, as well as another one - FGS Markets, pls see: link , link
However, they changed it to Francis Ltd, also offshore, has no actual value just fools researchers. Domainmatch Limited is a CIF, formerly known as Preseplio Limited.

So a Mexican lady called Viridiana Hernández Bonilla from Domainsearch/Preseplio, t/a Trades.com. Preseplio website, by the way:

Ms Bonilla holds:
- an Estonian company Prale OÜ (https://www.teatmik.ee/en/personprivate/362869-Viridiana-Hernandez-Bonilla),
- two Cyprus companies, Livinio Qapital Ltd (https://opencorporates.com/companies/cy/HE365922) and mentioned Domainmatch/Preseplio Ltd
- a UK company Exciting Ventures Ltd (https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/11656810/officers)
- a Slovakian company Farvus s.r.o. (http://www.orsr.sk/hladaj_osoba.asp?PR=Hernandez&lan=en) , no. 11 on the list
- a Croatian company Crypto-Tory d.o.o. (https://www.companywall.hr/tvrtka/crypto-tory-doo/MMK8Q4ZD/osnovno). This one apparently receives client deposits via Trades.com (will be explained later).

Just a digression, another Mexican is a nominee owner of local Optimus Lead boiler room, Mr. Victor Ruiz Santiago (his predecessor was Laurentiu Mangu, Romania). Optimus is known to cater Latin American staff for Retention services, as well as people from the Arab world.

No back to Ms Bonilla. Public LinkedIn profile: link

So the lady is Retention specialist in trading/Forex/CFD space, in business since 2012 (Markets.com). As of July 2017, she commutes between two boiler rooms, Quest in Sofia, Bulgaria and some (yet) unidentified Quantum in Belgrade, Serbia. We will assume it's Optimus environment. Also, we present you the other boiler room, Quest: http://questmarketing.eu/ Quest ltd, Sofia, Bulgaria (Kueste EOOD), https://bird.bg/tr?v=view&guid=203743737 Classic scam call center job posts:

This Quest is run by one Israeli citizen, Mr Ron Shaked. This may or may not be his LinkedIn profile, it's just a best guess based on available info: link
In fact, he ran or runs the following companies in EU member and scam centers facilitator for many years, Bulgaria:
One stands out by its name - Aston Markets! See for your selves:
https://bird.bg/tr?v=view&guid=202234388 Sold off to Ron Shaked, apparently holding Australian passport, in 2015 and changed name to Investors EOOD. Few months later, founded boiler room Quest, same address as others (ok, literately next door office, street number 132 to 134).

So far, a summary of above, facts backed: Optimus Lead and Quest Ltd are boiler rooms on the Balkans that operate Trades.com. Probably other web sites as well. In their eyes (in general with all of them) every business is a good business, regulated or not, scam or legit, as the approach never changes - buy from scam affiliate lead generator, close initial sales (250 commonly), work on the lead more, push more deposits, make him/her loose, recover and push again, drain everything possible, ditch burned lead to cold-call list, re-sell contact, walk away with the money, ignore regulators if applicable, laugh to bad reviews. These ones are no exception.

Let's continue. This thread on FPA provides a lot of useful info: https://www.forexpeacearmy.com/comm...etrades-com-and-their-partners-scammer.64411/
Trades-Simpletrades victim xBiBOx provided, among other, this:

This proves that: (1) Tradesfinancial.com is the domain used by scammer working on Trades/Simpletrades to defraud him, (2) Deposit in the amount of USD 1000,00 was done by the victim to Turbo Trading Ltd, former unlicensed offshore operator of Trades.com (3) the DOD document (declaration on deposit) in its template has HRK as mandatory currency (Republic of Croatia, an EU member), no matter which currency the victim/client initially uses via card/wire; the amount in HRK equals to 1k usd approximately (4) Above mentioned lady Bonilla, whose involvement is explained, has a listed Llc company in Croatian capital Zagreb. This is beyond mere speculation.
++++++ to be continued +++++++
++++ continuation to finish +++++

A clever setup indeed. Except for this part - Tradesfinancial.com Back to Belgrade, Serbia again:

Meet another spin off - FAM Solutions DOO. Owner, another Mexican citizen, Mr Fernando Avila Martinez.
Company director, appointed, Mr Avraham Or Abizmil. All public records, verified info. Company's current address is displayed, but was recently changed from initial and true one, identical to both Exxoglobe and Optimus Lead (it's the same building, office well hidden inside): Belgrade, Gavrila Principa no.57 (Cyrillic original: Гаврила Принципа 57)


We believe all exposed is fact based and proper intel is fairly checked. We also make a note of the one final fact: whoever hacked that scam website trades.com (probably not a client, maybe unhappy employee, who knows?) exposed Tal Penner as scam beneficial owner or at least an operator, indicating his Croatian cell phone number (remember deposit declaration in HRK, company in Croatia - now it makes good sense, at least) Mr Penner has yet another company that he directly controls, in the UK (surprise, surprise)
TP2 Development Ltd:
One easily sees its the same person as passport slapped across scam website in full resolution. Born 1977, Hungarian citizenship (wow, double surprise), per UK Companies House, a Dutch citizen (triple surprise), per HU passport, born in Israel, Peteh-Tikva (just near Tel Aviv). No surprise actually. England, Hungary,Netherlands, Israel, Eastern European countries. Standard setup for years. The wheel of fortune turns, doesn't it?

We thank local whistle blowers in several Balkan countries for brave, unselfish and ethical, quick and extensive help, much appreciated. We also believe this exposes fully the scam groups, or at least nearly 100%. So what is left?

Read, report to authorities (police namely) in your countries (here we suggest insisting on Europol/Eurojust liaison via local law enforcement in victim countries of origin), engage your selves and chase your money back. It was stolen, per undisclosed website hacker, not lost. And we fully agree.

One more boiler room down, moving on to the next one. We promise you that. Thank you FPA for making this possible and available to the public, in the very best interest of damaged investors worldwide.
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a great useful post and u do a good effort on it, and u need to know that they didn’t stop there they called me back to deposit again to recover the losses ! and i have a already communicate with the bank i can provide u the bank details they are using and also the new number of the guy he said that he is the supervisor and trying to re scamming me and asking for re deposit!!
i would like to add my visa transaction related to the deposit amount,

also the 10$ withdrawal to confirm that i can receive from them ..

1st attachment for deposit.
2nd attachment for withdrawal.


  • B4BA6D33-7536-472D-A275-2A66DBA26234.jpeg
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i would like to add my visa transaction related to the deposit amount,

also the 10$ withdrawal to confirm that i can receive from them ..

1st attachment for deposit.
2nd attachment for withdrawal.
also i receive a call from the recovery team to deposit more and to scam be back !!
and this is the details of the recovery team

No. +442036954070
email: in the attachment


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hi, i checked https://eu-nessfx.com/ there is no such website?

both is different & not related?
Hi, no - the domain does not work, but they are related. Not just by mere name, although it would be indicative enough, all given. See for your self, public data again:

Parogan is another big boiler room, already exposed. So, she is in the business. Now you will probably ask where does it link to Optimus Lead/Exxoglobe? Ok, maybe not a perfect example. Try this one:

Partially fake details, non existing Lux office indicated. But, Education-the indicated school does not exist in Lux. It does, by exact name, in Belgrade, though. Still not convinced? Ok, check her endorsements:

Optimus Lead agent endorses her in Sales. Second one is also Optimus Lead agent:

a bit more, Bulgarian branch included:

Most probably a regulated Varchev Finance EOOD, Varna, Bulgaria, 186 VLADISLAV VARNENCHIK BLVD, FLOOR 3, OFFICE 4.035

Is this sufficient?
i would like to add my visa transaction related to the deposit amount,

also the 10$ withdrawal to confirm that i can receive from them ..

1st attachment for deposit.
2nd attachment for withdrawal.

Deposit we already covered, withdrawal went to Croatian company CREDO DOO to their account in Bulgaria, not Croatia: swift BG44UNCR70001522590915 (USD) Unicredit Bulbank, Bulgaria. The reason is probably due to the fact that Croatian financial watchdog HANFA heavily fined a licensed financial intermediary Credos doo in 2017 (work permit ban for 2 years, they were literately full-on scamming clients on CFDs via 3rd party platform https://cfgtrades.com/ an offshore scam broker run by Inter Media Ltd, warning from CONSOB and CNMV in 2020). HANFA document: https://www.hanfa.hr/media/1708/01-credos.pdf

Weather there are more connections we do not know. Let's leave to authorities to do some work, shall we?