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Problem Exposing Trades.com,Simpletrades.com,Tradesfinancial.com,Financegroup-eu.com,NESSfx.com,FXnet.com,FGS Markets,BelFX,OloFX,Aston Markets et all

I am having an issue with a company

On October 19th, 2020, boiler room OPTIMUS LEAD MANAGEMENT Ltd has changed both company name and address.

New address: Zorza Klemensoa 19, Belgrade, Serbia (virtual office facility, like FAM Solutions Ltd)
Recorded changes, same people involved and some old members reemerge (Laurentiu Mangu, Romania):


Business as usual. No change. New job advertisements launched.

Junior agent/warmer:


Senior agent:


Agent Arabic speaker:


Agent Spanish speaker:


Local market and EU respective bodies incapability to battle such cybercrime, at its best.

It has come to our attention that more scam brands are or have been operated within this group. We have also identified a boiler room manager, whose interesting profile shall further back our previous statements and claims. The power of whistleblowers is undisputable and here we thank them publicly. It takes courage and integrity to do it. Meantime, the authorities are doing next to nothing in this specific case, as in many other similar ones, thus fueling the public's 'conspiracy' theories on scams-legislators ties. We will just naively suppose they don't fully understand how cybercrime works and lack regulation to react. But we wont be naïve too long... either react or be labeled.

Before we continue, we add here another scam fake broker website to the long list - Dowfx, a pure scam as well, run by the very same Turbo Trading Limited, already exposed operator in this thread: DowFX review - pretty bad. Seems they target LATAM region with this scam.

Optimus/Axgroup/Fam Solutions (or what ever new company they may design) office manager is one Mr Stefan Nicolau, from Romania, LinkedIn profile: link. Let's review the profile and its info:



Stefan Nicolau, Romanian citizen, worked on BForex scam, in Romania, a terrible past proven scam (FPA review). Then he operated another (yet connected-same forex scam) Aedemas Black Tie SRL Romania (labeled by his own Romanian community as scammer here, web archives or here. Then moved to Croatian Credos doo (ties to this scam group already elaborated earlier in this thread), another scam company-proven. Mexican FLA is obviously part of the entire scene and the dates overlaps.

Then BForex scam closes (April 2017), details here :

and Mr Nicolau continues towards new venture and challenge - a scam called Trades.com, handled in both Serbia and Bulgaria, according to LinkedIn profile information. Hard to imagine its a new setup, more probable that it's a new brand and an old gang. This Financika Trade is no better then BForex was obviously: FPA review

And finally we arrive to this last one - OpTech Solutions, Serbia. We have yet another name of a local company to add to the Optimus list. Seems to be growing over time, nicely...

OPTECH SOLUTION D.O.O. Belgrade, Serbia is a company recently dissolved and liquidated (September 2020): company registrar link

It was co-owned by 2 Israelis, actually one UK citizen Barak Shlomo Tvila and another Israeli citizen Shlomi Zagury:


As it is closed, both continued with new separate entrepreneurial offices in Belgrade, conveniently registered at the same address - Hercegovacka no. 14 Belgrade (see company extracts):

BARAK SHLOMO TVILA ONARIO INTERNATIONAL consulting agency - registrar extract
SHLOMI ZAGURY VIRCON consulting agency - registrar extract

It is off course clear that this is a mere smokescreen. And that Stefan Nicolau fits in the environment, as many details match now. The 2 Israeli gentlemen are a nice addendum to the group.
Last, but not least, our old friend Laurentiu Mangu who re-emerged in the registrar of Optimus companies recently (read thread carefully), also has his own little side thing, company called D&M SERVICES doo: registrar, together with some friends, Aurelian-Mihai Dediu and George-Cătălin Muntean. They should be looked into closer...

Obviously this thread shall be updated as more news hit our inbox ;)...

Stay tuned. And stay away from those 'brokers' or kiss your money good bye.

Thanks to our network, we have identified another legal entity to be added to the long list of companies and individuals involved in this scam operation.

First, additional address of Optimus Lead boiler room (Zelengorska 1g, Belgrade, Serbia):


The business center address caters some much more serious companies (e.g. Starbucks affiliate etc, IT companies) raising question to weather they actually have presence or just a rented virtual address.

Second, an interesting mail extension (same phone, though another FB profile):


Another website appears now - STrade. www.strade.me (https://domainbigdata.com/strade.me) is registered in Romania, operated per website info via Marshal Islands based and actually existing Techinvest Solutions Ltd:


Techinvest Solutions ltd coincides with STrade Romanian-domain registration (July-August 2016).
Also, Techinvest website: http://techinvestsolutions.com/ is, again, registered in Romania: https://domainbigdata.com/techinvestsolutions.com by some Studio7 - Digital Agency. there are several to be found. Australian, Egypt, but also Serbia. Given the circumstances, Egypt would be a possibility because of their targeted region with different scam platforms. Have a look at Dow500.com for example:


or even better: https://www.forexpeacearmy.com/forex-reviews/17626/dow500-forex-brokers


a review from our friend xBIBOx, FPA member who already participated in this thread as well as his own thread: https://www.forexpeacearmy.com/comm...etrades-com-and-their-partners-scammer.64411/

Going back to this studio7 domain registrant of newly exposed strades-techinvest... another possible one would be in Serbia (studio7.rs). However, we checked and this seems to be a fully legit company, existing for over 2 decades, thus highly unlikely to be part of this schemes. We really do not claim anything here. However, the registered IP address for studio7 is (domainbigdata) and the result of abuse check for the IP is terrible. Sure, many use it as well so it's no proof. Still, abuse report tells a lot, it's very vivid in comments: https://ip-46.com/


That's a bit strange, agreed?

What is also interesting is the following: www.strade.me, this STrade newly discovered website, the indicated phone for contact is: +44 765 867 87. Now, this is unique, as long as VOIP is paid by the user.
Let's see what google tells us about the scammer's voip number and let's memorize it here:


So, scam list expands drastically:

1. https://cryptocurrency.fruitfulcode.com/
2. http://v.bootstrapmb.com/2018/6/dc55h1336/contact.html
3. https://www.leefcoin.com/ (this one is interesting, offers hacking: https://linkvertise.com/149151/gsr)

4. http://paypendent.com/faq (playing a role of a unlicensed PSP ??)
5. https://hedge-coin.com/contact-us (same skin as others, just changed fake address)
6. https://cryptocastillo.com/cgi-sys/suspendedpage.cgi (2018, web cache snapshot - claiming some fake non existing SWISS TECHMAKERS, ZUG, CH)

As for Token Develop, one has to inquire via nic.ch, in vain though-well hidden:

https://domainprivacytrustee.ch/en/ there possibly may be a way for some future investigators: 'This protection is not designed to cover up illicit or unethical activities, such as sending junk mail or viruses, or abuse or violation of the law or of copyright rules. In the event of a complaint or of abusive use of the service, Domain Privacy Trustee SA will manually consult the statement, based on evidence provided, and reserves the right to immediately divulge the owner's identity to the complainant and to cease all access to the service for the accused domain'
7. http://bulfinex.com/
8. fake BTC Cloud Mining - operational and scamming as we speak.

Lastly, looking closer at current one, next in string of fake websites, Dow500.com scam operated as well via Optimus Lead Management company, domain data: https://domainbigdata.com/dow500.com shows that the registrant is some Oneiro, an organization, linked to 10 domains in total, e.g. etrades500.com (note demo/real acct options via web cache at etrades800 Croatian registration link), trades500.com (now visit https://simpletrades.com/ to see homepage advertising simple500), etc... This Oneiro may or may not be: http://oneiro-bd.com/contact.php (Bangladesh, Italy). Currently it is not known. What is known is this - they are still in 'business'. So, watch out for these cyber predators.

Seems this scam group develops no matter what. A new scam is operated as of very recently. Update comming up soon...

According to the latest information, the boiler rooms, part of Optimus scheme, removed the existing brand they operated via partner contract with https://www.nessfx.com/ NessFX. NessFx is operated by a regulated CIF FxNet Limited group (link) with terrible reviews (here, here and here) , regulatory troubles and fines. we are positive Optimus boiler room staff spearheaded by the scammers already exposed here contributed to it.

Have a look, 60k penalty for misleading adds (affiliates with scam-b/s promotions and agents lying to clients, leading to loss):

- breach of law Section 28(1) (CIF’s failure to establish adequate policies and procedures to ensure the compliance of its marketing material with regulatory obligations. This may include the failure to maintain an internal operation manual or orderly records of the information related to the assessment of its marketing materials)
- non-compliance with Article 36(1) (a) of the law, relating to conduct of business obligations when providing investment and ancillary services to clients. The violation of this section often arises when the information provided on the broker’s website was not appropriate or sufficient to allow clients to reasonably understand the nature and risks of the investment service that the company offers.

Boiler room has engaged their spinoff FAM Solutions DOO to handle new 'brand' that is more appropriate for their scam appetite. In that respect, CySEC license would be an obstacle. Meet the new brand they push nowadays, hiring new staff (solely speaking languages that corresponds to the platform options)
Google their reviews, here is one here and don't bother with any regulation or offshore companies registered, as it is a waste of time. Location of handlers is exposed. Platform is a complete scam.
No public or legal reaction in sight so far. Covid19 situation serves them well. It will change.


We uncovered one more boiler room from the same environment: QUANTIMUS DOO Belgrade, Serbia, registrar link, company now in bankruptcy proceeds:


Interesting people involved:

Jorge Armando Garcia Islas, again Mexican citizen, passport number G37510257 (old number G24736241), address: Agricola oriental, delegacion Iztacalco, Ciudad de Mexico, Oriente 239c/51, both owner and director; as of February 2021 bankruptcy manager, per local laws:


We cannot claim for sure, but there are some court proceedings in Mexico under the same name:

Same guy holds a UK company: https://find-and-update.company-inf...any/11810180/persons-with-significant-control

And also another one in Croatia, which is interesting as we already identified Credos doo in Croatia to have been assisting in scams - proved here earlier: https://search.bisnode.hr/hr/1232436/elise-marketing-d-o-o/?l=en-US

As for the registered email for this company, as stated, we have this:

which is basically what we already discovered, pls see previous writings here:




A very elaborate and complex scheme emerged indeed... implying a well organized international operation. Powered by who? Well, we have a hint here and will elaborate a bit later... ;)