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Scam Reporters

Master Sergeant
Going back to one of previous posts in this thread, we cross checked this guy's data and company name specifically:

with this scam brand: https://www.forexpeacearmy.com/forex-reviews/9136/www.opteck.com
OpTech was a terrible scam, never caught, operated in Bulgaria and Romania, with big offices and lots of sales staff, scam lying money hungry agents, well aware of their crimes.

Kind of similar name with this OpTech. Btw FPA states Opteck is closed? Well, it is not: https://www.opteck.biz/ works normally:


Do you want to know what happened with bulk of Opteck staff from Bulgaria, recently? Ok we'll tell you: they moved to Serbia and were commissioned to work on another brand, as well. A very 'regulated' brand owned by an old and extremely known and 'respectful' Israeli broker-tech hub, developing in the past years insanely, while covering it's scam tracks. Or so they think...

Name of that company behind everything? :) No, not yet... But now they know that we know.

And they should be worried as they can not control information flow. We will always find out.