first option recovery ( in NY is a definite scam.


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Hello everyone ! does anyone know they offer a recovery of the capital without any initial commission, they ask only 10% on the amount recovered, how is this possible?
You can try anyone who doesn`t ask for upfront :) BUT be careful with sharing personal details with anyone.


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I have recently been searching for help me recover my lost funds in CT Trade, somehow I searched this company First Option Recovery ( ) on FACEBOOK, I have talked over chat which seems very unprofessional and rude. The funny thing is when I asked them difficult questions on chat, they type the message to visit their website, these people don't know that I am on their website, also when I asked them again, they literally typed a reply.. saying this is an automated message reply.. what an illiterate people..

I am sure this is another scam as many listed over FPA. please stay alert... if you know anything more about them, please let me know..
My advice is, rather than looking for a recovery company, it's better if you pursue your broker ..


I wanted help with funds recovery as well. I visited their website and contacted them not long ago. First of all, their website is full of gibberish, the chat support is useless. Their so called 'recovery mangers' talked to me in poor English. They told me that they will need an Upfront payment, which was huge, to recover
£85,400. What makes it even more sketchier, is that they asked me for the payment to be done in the bank of some Gulf country (seems to be in Dubai) when they claim to be based in New York. At this point, I am really doubtful about their legitimacy. I will not advise anyone to consult their service.