FOREX PRO Weekly November 19-23, 2012

Sive Morten

Special Consultant to the FPA
Good morning all;

Sive please clarify. The ABCD targets that you show on today's 4h chart - should they be 100 and 127.2 not 127.2 and 161.8..

Maybe I'm measuring it wrong. Thanks
In the morning market stands at 1.0 of most recent AB-CD and 1.272 initial one.


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not the volume moves the market, rather ratio of buyers and sellers!


ok, maybe rhetoric question but however............

oanda supposed to be one of bigger brokers
here is the link of their Current Trading Activity : Forex Analysis | OANDA fxTrade Europe
so Q: if this is true - WhereTF is the market, obviously not there !!

Maybe Sive can and be willing to explain more about whereTF the price is creating !?

OK, MarketMakers, but are they not IN the market?

So many flats and other different corrections as in last month, admitt: on smaller time frames, I have never seen in 5 years !!

I would really appreaciate to get any kind of opinion, suggestion, thinking, whatever...........

This is really state of mind, example: sell with stop 300 pips, or change as Craig !!

Look at gold!! One 1 minute candle is crazy!! WTF !!! OK,, traders are long ! But...............

There really could be mess on/after 12,21,12 !! Poor Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Morgans and others (bushes are not excluded !!) !!!! They will be first !!! For sure !!!


Short eurusd, stop 2000 pips

Have fun all and good trades !!


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ProWeekly - Nov 26-30, 2012

Hi Sive,

Just to let you know - your ProWeekly analysis for the next week is missing/not showing up. It's replaced by the old one (19-23 Nov 2012). Please, fix the problem.


Hi Kovacs Norbert, appreciate a lot for your sharing. I'm interested to begin an account in forex. May I know further more on the broker you are using?

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