ForexHacked are cheating


Attention, the guys of ForexHacked don't stay to their money back guarantee! I purchased the EA on 4th of March and tested it first on a demo account with Alpari. In just two week’s time I had a big loss of 4671,79 EUR in spite of very conservative settings adjustements (lots 0.05, max. buy/sell orders 10, booster 1.68) and even worse, the system didn’t observe my adjustements and sent out orders of 3.17, 3.20, 5.33 and 5.38 lots! So I judged the EA far too risky and unreliable and asked for a refund, but in spite of two reminders and warning them that I would publish their fraudulous behavior in FX blogs, I got neither an answer nor any refund. So I wonder if anyone else has similar experiences?

Chun Gu

ForexHacked - Do not even try it before you read this

On 10 March 2011, I purchased ForexHacked EA for USD144.49 after reading the promotional reviews in I got a 15% discount using the promotion code from ForexFBI. Otherwise, the price would be USD169.99. On the same day, I opened a demo account with FXOpen as recomended by ForexHacked, and installed the EA according to the guides from ForexHacked. However, during the four weeks that followed, no trades occurred in my account though I could see the smiley face on each of 4 charts. After the third week, I began to write to ForexHacked requesting cancellation of my membership and refund of my payment. Altogether I wrote 4 emails, but so far there has been so response from ForexHacked, and of course, no refund. ForexHacked claims to have a 30-day no-question-asked refund policy. They do not ask you questions, they just ignore your requests for refund. So I got ripped off USD144.49 by ForexHacked. I will post my story all over the world just to make sure that no one else will waste his or her money and time with ForexHacked.


Was the payment processed by RegNow? If so, go complain to the payment processor.

If you paid by Credit Card, you may be able to initiate a chargeback based on failure to honor a guarantee.