a big fraud forex company


Dear member,

i would like to share my financial pain with you and really wanna to know if anybody can guide me the proper way to take necessary action to get my hard earnings back from website. I have opened my account with forexnx by investing Rs.6000 which is there minimum requirement on March 5th,2014. Before investing i have enquired for this website and found is quite good earlier as these people told that they are always ready to help people who are totally new in this field. Earlier they asked me to invest more so that i will get attractive bonus but i refused. Later on i asked them all positive and negative aspect that time they told its trading but they had never seen any of their customer facing a big loss as they are always ready to help us and they had opened by demo account. Later on I started trading on my real a/c100210073 by July 2014.But when i request for a call then only they use to call me but they never bother to call by themselves on 10th july i opened a deal by buying EUR/USD and it was going on continue loss and then i called up on 27th July,2014 so that they help to recover my loss. one mr.Akshay picked my call and suggested me to again go for the same deal of buying it. I objected saying that it is already in -50$ loss then why are you suggesting me to buy the same deal, he told me with full confident that the market is going to be in a good profit and whatever i am loosing i will get it back, listening to him i had again buy the deal the same day and it was on terrific loss. I had then done hatching and open a deal of sell of EUR/USD pair where i was getting profit but another Mr.Abhinav who use to call me once I use to request him for his help asked me to put a stop loss of 1.7001 and with his sugar coating dialogues he told that he is there to help me so I just need not to worry about my money. But today when i found the my deal was closed automatically and instantly i called him up, he have a very good clarification saying what to do market clash. I told him then who is going to repay my Rs6000 and he was speechless and when i told why your other executive mr.Akshay misguided me he was started giving me lots many clarification and simply washed off his hands.

I really want a proper justice either they should return my money back or they should get punished of cheating and misguiding people who are totally new in this market.

Your suggestions really matter for me.



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Never take trading advice from a broker.

Invite them to join this thread and explain how this happened.