Hi, i'm 16, and one night me and my friend were looking for ways to earn extra cash besides working our job. As we searched online, we found "ForexYard".

I am not one to just sign up and send money. So I researched "ForexYard", read reviews, did a demo account, the whole nine yards. But I believe when I was researching, I wasnt researching the right things... Such as withdrawing money...

Well, I made an demo account, read all the guides, practiced, and made some DEMO profit. So thought I should try it out with real money.

I made my real account, and deposited 300 euros, or 423.66 dollars using my VISA debit card. I went to bed and I didn't touch the program or make any trades. The deposit took about 2 days to process. And when I finally got my SuperMini account. I wasnt feeling so hot for ForexYard, so I withdrew my money on December 27. They said it would take no less than 96 hours.

Well as of now its January 1, and I am really feeling the 423.66$ out of my account. I have tried to e-mail, call, live chat all with no reply or answer.

I am not saying that "ForexYard" is scamming yet, but there's not much else to think about when you can't get an update on where your money is, or who has it. It's extremely irritating.

Also I am not sure exactly what to post, information wise. So if there is something somebody needs to see, such as account number, e-mails recieved by "ForexYard" or anything else, please let me know.

Any help will be appreciated.
I think it may be a little early to panic. It's a holiday weekend. Even of ForexYard processed your refund in only 48 hours instead of the full 96, your bank may not get around to crediting your account for a couple of days.
Ok, i'll give it til' about Friday of this upcoming week, and if I don't see the money then, I will reply again. And if I do then I will let you know.

I am still waiting from DEC 11th for my full withdraw 300 bucks. Stay ontop of them, they seem to pay it just takes forever, and if you dont contact them you will not hear from them