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Discuss FortFS.com (Fort Financial Services) (Was TradeFort.ws, One Vector Group Inc.)

General discussions of a financial company


Fort Financial Service announces the start of a new promo-action “TOP BONUS”.
GET UP TO 3% ON EVERY PROFITABLE ORDER from 25.04.2016 until 27.05.2016. The amount of the added percentage will be available for withdraw without restrictions.
Terms and conditions of the promo-action "TOP BONUS" are available here
Dear traders, investors and partners!
We are pleased to inform you that according to voting on "Forex Brokers Award 2016 Winners", organized by one of the most popular analytical portal FxDailyInfo.com, FortFS broker was awarded in three categories out of ten:

-Best Forex Broker
-Best ECN / STP Broker
-Best Forex Broker, Asia

FortFS team is thankful to everyone who supported and voted for us !
We are glad that you appreciated the quality of our company's services.


Memorial Day in USA

Dear Clients!

We would like to raise your attention that there is an upcoming national holiday in the USA - Memorial Day. Therefore, the following schedule changes are expected for the contracts traded in the USA Exchange (CME, GLOBEX, NYSE, NASDAQ, ICE USA, NYMEX). Trading schedule for the contracts based on USOIL will be affected as well:

2016/05/30 – trading is closed.

The trading on FOREX stays without changes. There may be a spread increase due to the possible lack of liquidity. We would like you to be very careful and cautious in your work.

*The schedule may change depending on the banks and contractors

Earn more with Profit Bonus

FortFS announces the start of the promo-action “PROFIT BONUS” which is designed to boost your profits. Starting from 11 July until 11 August 2016 inclusively every profitable trade will be rewarded with 2% of the resulting profit.

The percentage amount credited will be available for withdrawal with no restrictions.

Multiply your profit with FortFS

Terms and conditions of the promo-action "PROFIT BONUS" are available here


Dear traders and partners

Our new service CopyTrading is now available to our clients. We have collected all advantages of similar services and created a unique system to copy the trading of successful traders, which corresponds to the three key criteria: security, simplicity and transparency.

Copy Trading from FortFS
allows you to personally create the perfect strategy for your profitable work on the financial market. The bases of the unique service Copy Trading from FortFS are convenient and transparent mechanism, flexible settings, lack of hidden commissions and the rating of Master Accounts so that you can select the best one for you!

More information about Copy Trading can be found here.

Start earning with one click - copy the strategy of profitable traders.
Anyone heard of broker called FXMarketsCapital.com based in the UK and uses a platform called Sirixtrader for trades.? I am so suspicious of them they are really pushing me to invest and the calls take 30 minutes just to get me to set up a demo account? Are they scammers or legitimate? Any advise really appreciated!

Dear traders!

We are pleased to announce the launch of a promotional campaign "Welcome Bonus 15 USD".
From 2016/08/16 to 2016/08/26 the welcome bonus of 15 USD or the equivalent in EUR is available to all customers.
The bonus is available to both new customers and those who are already working with Fort Financial Services. If you are an existing customer and have previously received a welcome bonus of 5 USD, then during the promotional campaign you can take a new bonus 15 USD. You just need to click a button to get a bonus in the appropriate section of your Trader's Room. In case, your "old" welcome bonus 5 USD is still active, you can continue working with it. Thus, some of you will be able to work simultaneously with two bonuses old and new. The trading turnover for bonuses will be calculated in series.

Best of luck in your trading!

Terms of the "Welcome Bonus 15 USD" program:
1.Welcome Bonus can be obtained by every client of the company that has passed the verification procedure in the Trader's Room. At the "Profile" section there is a subsection called "Verification", in which there are two fields: mobile phone verification and verification of personal data. To verify the mobile phone, you need to receive an SMS with a code that is then entered in the required field. Next step is the verification of personal data, according to the instructions, you need to download documents confirming your identity and registration address (information about the required documents and their quality, can be found in the Customer Agreement and "Know Your Customer" Policy). After your documents are verified, "Get bonus" button becomes active in the Trader’s room at "Bonus" section under "Welcome Bonus" subsection. After clicking on this button, funds in the amount of 15 USD (1500 USD cents if your account is Cents account or the equivalent amount in Euro) will be credited to the trading account.
2.Welcome Bonus can be obtained at any time starting from 16.08.2016 until 26.08.2016.
3.Welcome Bonus can be used only once and only for one trading account. Welcome Bonus is not available for Flex Newbie, PRO and S.T.A.R. accounts. Unfortunately, your relatives will not be able to obtain the bonus if you have already received it.
4.To withdraw the bonus and profit made with the help of bonus funds you have to meet the required trading turnover on the account: 4.5 lots for USD or EUR accounts or 450 micro lots for Cent accounts.
5.You can withdraw your own funds and resulting profit at any time without any restrictions.
Here is an example:
You open a real account and get 15 USD Welcome Bonus.
You trade and earn another 5 USD and now your account has 20 USD. However, until the volume of your deals reaches 4.5 lots, you cannot withdraw this profit.
Suppose you decide to deposit 20 USD of your own funds into the account. The balance is now equal to 40 USD.
After this, for example, you earn another 10 USD, so you made a 50% profit of your own funds.
If by this time you haven't traded the required amount of lots (according to p.4) then you can only withdraw the sum of your deposit (20 USD) + sum of profit and your private funds (20 USD+50%).
In total, 30 USD. Whereas, if you have completed the required trading turnover mentioned in p.4, you can withdraw all 50 USD.
6.Partners are rewarded according to the proportion of clients' own funds. If the customer's account is 90% own funds and 10% bonus, you'll get 90% of the regular commission.
A client received a bonus of 15 USD to account and deposited another 285 USD.
In this case, the client funds the account for 95% of all funds in the account.
It turns out that in this case the partner will receive 95% of the standard commission.
If you normally receive 65% of the spread, in this example, the payment will be 0.95 * 65% = 61.75% spread, etc.
This calculation is used until the customer meets the requirements of paragraph 4.
Once the client has met this requirement, the partner’s commission will be calculated in the usual manner.
7. In the case of fraudulent activities (such as one client obtaining bonuses on several accounts, etc.), the company reserves the right to cancel the bonus amount and the profit gained with it without notice.

Dear traders!

As from 05.10.2016 until 18.11.2016 FortFS starts the no-lose contest “Money never sleeps!” with the prize fund of 25 000 USD. The key condition of the contest is to increase the initial deposit by no less than 10% within 7 contest days.

Even if you did not enter the winners’ top 10 but fulfilled the contest’s conditions, FortFS will offer you a 30 USD Welcome Bonus promo code which will be sent to your e-mail.

The contest starts on 05.10.2016 at 00:00 FortFS MetaTrader platform’s time.
The contest will end on 18.11.2016 at 23:59:59 FortFS MetaTrader platform’s time.

You can register for the contest from 25.09.2016 until 17.10.2016 inclusive.

Contest’s terms and conditions can be found HERE
i am Fund Manager, i was trade at this broker Fortfs, but last month my account has been abuse by broker, they steal my money from my account they open position, within pair that i never trading before with BIG volume(lot), beware of this broker, Never and never try put your money on this broker, otherwise you will lose your money, with ridiculous reason.

They Stole and Abuse about $25.000!!

I want justice here, i want my money back,

You want prove? i will show to you guys..


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