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Based on the available evidence, do you believe that SkyFx is guilty?

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Des Hall

Private, 1st Class
Original FPA Traders Court Submission:

I am submitting the case against:

My Case is: Sky FX phoned me, and asked me to trade with their company. John Klein opened my account and I deposited $3000 USD and they deposited $3000. I was told I would get 110% return on my money.James Marshall was my account manager and Sergio was the broker. We communicated by phone and the use of Team Viewer, James phoned just about every night and managed the account. A few trades were opened and they showed a profit. I was asked to deposit another $10000 and I would get $40000 in return plus the bonuses.I was asked to deposit more money and promised more returns and eventually James told me if my account reached a 40% level it would close and I would lose all of my money.James also told me I was no longer eligible for bonuses and on one of the bonuses Sergio had put his own money in the account. As time went on I told James I did not wish to trade any more as i did not want to risk all of my funds.James encouraged me to trade saying he would operate my account with less risk on a 700 % level instead of 200% and Sergio would deposit some money if the account was to get in trouble as I was a Platinum Trader. James was aware that I was unable to deposit it any more money. More trades were opened and the level was about 200% again James not keeping his word. On the night the account collapsed I did try to phone several times and left a message about the concerns of my account. No one returned my cal,l but did eventually reach Richard who said some more money needed to be deposited. I replied I had no more money and Sergio would deposit the money. I was told this was illegal for him to do that and my account was closed.

* I was unaware that I had to keep depositing money.
* I was given conflicting information about the credits.
* I was told a contract cost $10500 only three days before my account went broke. Don't know if that is a trade
or a volume.
* I didn't know Sergio was unable to deposit his own money.
* I believe I was told to take a trade the wrong direction on purpose.
* The plan was to use the profits and not my money but the trades got larger.
* My computer was closed down on the night without me doing so.
* My phone was hacked and all of my call logs were deleted. This incident was reported to the police on the
5/9/15 and also to Cybercrime Reference no.ARN-6TDA-E3CB.

New thread in the Scam Alerts Folder:

Review is submitted by Des Hall on 08/09/15

The company was first contacted about the issue on 03/08/15 the last contact was on 03/09/15

Details: Benjamin Franz - I will investigate the case
Dave R - Benjamin had gone on vacation. Send me some evidence.
Jane - Asked me to trade again and they would try and recover my money over a year.

Company representatives' emails: Banjamin Franz <>
Dave R <>




FPA Forums and Reviews Admin
SkyFx's new representative has failed to return to either of the open cases threads. I see little choice but to move this to the Open Cases folder.


Private, 1st Class
one of scammer broker from sent me email said he work in now. This skyfx is same operating system as Now, has been known lost their license from IFSC. I guess these guys may start a new scam machine under to do same thing as did before. Guilty!!


Different operating name, same result to bleed you dry. I also have been touched and will be sharing details soon.


Private, 1st Class
Q. - Can not find nor listed at brokers under listed brokers,
Have they found a way on to get rid of the scammers??
That would have been nice - to have a close to "clean" brokerlist !?


Des Hall--based on what you report, these people sound totally guilty. is there any way to get your money back(regulatory agencies, the courts, physical violence, etc)? --feaisland55
ps: your contemporaneous log is good, but it is too bad that the skype logs or recordings got lost--if you use a regulatory agency, it would probably want clearer evidence: otherwise it would be too easy for these liars to win! just a thought. good luck in getting the money back!