Has panamoney gone?


I have invested in Panamoney since 2008 until now I got usd 18000 in portfolio. I can't believe they are scam bacause sofar they've provided the professional Forex information to their clients. But now there is no website, no show panamoney anymore. Who can help us to take some our money back? Appreciate to the power of FOREXPEACEARMY !

New Forex Investor....
Nature of Business

It's the nature of business to soar or close shop. Managed forex Trading is always a good idea for those who want to get started in online investing However, The best way in the Long run is to learn how to tradefor yourself.

Sorry for your loss

panamoney.net is registered in Panama see if there is a Panama embassy in your country and contact them to see how you can get help

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If you are in the USA, file a report with IC3.gov as quickly as possible.

If elsewhere, ask your bank or local police to advise you on what government agencies handle internet based scams.
I have lost 3,500.00 with panamoney I am guessing. Is there any way to recoup anything from them? I'm in Canada.