Have you improved your trading psychology?


I knew a lot of people who were simply not suitable for forex trading. Either they sought gambling high or were too anxious about the smallest losses. Realistically, yes, everyone can somewhat improve their own habits - I agree with you, but some people aren't fit for trading, and it's okay. We all have our own strengths (and, therefore, weaknesses).
Forex trading may be not all people will suitable for this kind of business because the risky, each trader has own level of psychology, in daily life maybe we also found there are so many kinds of emotion each person is different, but maybe forex can be used to trained patience.


I wouldn't say that I have improved my psychology but I have improved my trading strategy and made it more objective, so that the psychological factor is reduced. I gave up trying to change my personality, I started to think that it is much easier to change the criteria in the trading strategy rather than learning tons of information about psychology and controlling emotions and then trying to implement this knowledge on practice. Now I have some precise criteria for making this or that decision and I don't really care which emotions I experience just because of the fact that I don't deal with the emotions but with the numbers and calculations.


I improved my trading psychology day by day . Now I feel less tension when market is not in my favor. Now I can fight mentally for more time in uncertain market conditions due to my strategy and good planning.
It's my end goal! I'm way too emotional when trading sometimes, and I even started trading limit orders more to prevent myself from staring at the trading terminal in anticipation :p


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Here is some tips to Improve Your Trading Psychology
  1. Get Yourself in the Right Mindset. Before you even start your trading day, simply remind yourself that markets are never constant.
  2. Have a Great Knowledge Base.
  3. Remind yourself that you are Trading in Real Money.
  4. Observe the Habits of Successful Traders.
  5. Practice!


it took me a long time to master my trading psychology but when I did I became more profitable. mastering psychology and sticking to one's strategy is important to having successful trades


When it comes about improing trading results, I pay attention to my trading strategy first of all.
I mean that surely, psychologi is significant, but have a feeling that it is much better to improve your trading strategy rather than psychology. I mean that if your trading strategy is precise and solid, then you don't need to possess strong psychology because all of the trading decisions are based on objective criteria which are consistent and never change over the time. It goes without saying that this idea is more like an utopia rather than certain objective, but we should aspire to that state, from my perspective. Psychology is too dynamic for me. I mean that my mood can change all the time during the same trading session which makes it hard to notice my mental state of affairs.


I can't claim that I have improved my trading psychology but I'm on my way to do it. Of course, it's kinda difficult to train psychology especially when you enter the trade, nevertheless I try to distract myself by various thoughts. I believe that the best option for new traders is trying not to think about money and what might happen to them. Everybody knows that it's quite hard especially if you're a new trader, but the matter here that i's very useful and such techniques should be learnt by rookies. Anyway, trading psychology doesn't differ from psychology in your life. It's just a combination of various emotions which push you doing some weird things.


i tried improve my trading psychology everytime. but its hard. especialy i had losses. even for profit i need control emotions. its hard. really hard. but i tried.