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The FPA's calendar is down. Unless we are very lucky and find a new data feed fully compatible with the old calendar, a full replacement is needed.

The easiest way to do this would be a calendar widget from another site. As examples, FxStreet, Cashback Forex, and Dukascopy all offer calendar widgets which would allow the FPA to display their calendars inside of our site.

Similarly, the FPA has some tools under the calendar menu. Some of these are widgets from other sites and a few aren't working properly. If you aren't familiar with these, they can include things like pip value calculators, currency strength meters, central bank interest rates, risk calculators, and many more.

There are 3 main rules....

1. If a company is labelled as scam, has a terrible rating, or has a review page covered in warnings, the FPA isn't going to send traffic their way by showing a linked calendar or tools. You can still mention these, but if you do, specify what features they offer which you haven't seen elsewhere. If there's something cool out there, chances are something similar exists on more than one site.

2. Company reps are welcome to participate, as long as they identify themselves as company reps. Reps or affiliates who don't identify themselves as such will be fed to spam cat. Obviously, if I've already set your user title to "CompanyName Representative", then you are already identified and don't have to mention it in the text.

3. Give a link or at least the name of the site where you saw it. It doesn't do anyone any good if no one can find it and take a look. Don't worry if your post gets delayed in moderation. If it's on topic, it will be approved.

Who's seen a good calendar?

Who's seen some cool fx tool widgets?

Does anyone have a wish list for fx tool widgets? Personally, I want a fully functional currency strength meter where I can select time frames and even change the default list of currencies being compared.

P.S. If you want to discuss FNG alternatives, click here. Please keep this thread for calendar and other tool widget discussions.


I am a news freak and I have tried probably everything out there. The fastest news feed exists for the retail traders is the DataFlash:

This is a widget that offers great design, very easy to read when the data are released. It also has audible twitter headlines, kinda of a news squawk.

They charge $10/mo but please contact them and try to reach a deal with them for the benefit of our community.


To use visually, my favourite is
It has clear indication of the impact, you can click on an event and get the description and history, and it has easy to use filtering so you can choose the countries you are interested and the level of impact.

As a calendar feed into EAs, it is always the forextfactory xml feed. But there do seem to be differences in the impact ratings between MyFxBook and ForexFactory.

It would be great to have a calendar with both the visual elegance of MyFxBook and the feed functionality of ForexFactory,