I have been scammed by a company called ZAR Forex

Unfortunately that is not a option . My last deposit was about early 2015. Is there no way one can trace the license issuing authority ,and approach them ?
And if so , how does one trace the license authority ?


Archive.org has historic views of many websites. Homepages of brokers often include claims of corporate names and licenses. Digging through old versions of a company's home page may help in tracing the people behind it.
Hi Pharoah

tried your suggestion ,but to no avail. This is so frustrating . I can see my accounts are still active and the trades still running. Surely there is some way to have a authority close these trades and recover some money . This is nothing short of criminail , and Jean Merignac and company should be held to account
If 2 more victims file and follow through on Traders Court cases, then Zar Forex will have to respond or earn a Scam label.