I have faced a fraud by forexchief.com and alert all to avoide this broker.

Allah daad

Terms and Conditions
paragraph 4. Run the application and point move your mobile device camera at the QR code located in the Personal Area, section Welcome Bonus.

but as we said after 11 June 2019 you've just could not get QR code in your Personal Area, coz promotion was closed .. that's why you have used old QR code and received bonus at 13 June 2019 using technical vulnerability, it looks like a scam
At this point. Why i saved old qr code?
You mean i know about the closing of this offer at registration time. So i decide to save the code that time to get the bonus after the closing of this offer?
What a strange reason.
You know at the bigning point that this bonus added wrongly.but you not stop me not cancel your bonus . And not inform me just for getting its commision and spreads.
And at withdrawal time you thrown me out by telling you get this bonus after 11.6.19.
While you know at bigning point that this bonus added at 13.6.19


My name is allah daad and i am 46 year old man and in forex trading since last 11 years.
My account with forexchief is 1215495 witch i have registered at
10.5.19 to get there 100 $ wellcome bonus for cheking there services.but when i read the rivews about this broker then i was afraid to choose it as my permanent broker.
But after 1 month i decide to check them by there 100 $ wellcome bonus as i have no fear to loss my money.
So i scan the code via aplication and they add 100 $ in my account.
I start the trading.
During trading i was remain in touch with there support for asking my trading turnover.
in 4 days i have complete there huge mountain of turnover nearly 45 lots and my remaining profit
105 $.
I have found there spreads very good.so i asked there support that i want to continue trading with them and dont want to withdrawal.
So they happily advice me to open a new account and submit a support ticket to transfer funds in new account.so i have done this.
After that i decide to check there withdrawal services so i submit a withdrawal request and update the ticket not no transfer the balance and sent withdrawal.
And surprised to see the reply in ticket that the bonus offer ended at 11.6.19 so i can not withdrawal. And they reset my trading account 0000 and delete all trade history.
Now the points witch i have noted, that confirm this broker as a fraud are these.
If they closed there offer at 11.6.19
Than why they gave me bonus at 13.6.19.
If they gave bonus by mistake then why they not writenoff it when i was trading and in touch with there support for trading turnover.
When i chat with them and they checked my trading history Why there support not telling me that this offer ended and dont waist the time.
When i complete turnover and asked them to transfer money in 2nd account, everything was fine.
But when i submit withdrawal request they reject the bonus.
After this i asked there chat that why they not told me that i can not withdrawal and bonus ended at 11.6.19. They told me it is not possible that your withdrawl rejected and take 15 mint to confirm and they say sorry that he can not help me.
After that i submit a ticket and got horrible reply that i have used technical maintanence to get there bonus at 13.6.19 while offer ended at 11.6.19.
It means they called me international hacker who hacked there system for getting there bloody 100 $ bonus.strange.hahaha.
Now they delete my member area and not replying on live chat.
I dont know the traders who post a nagitive rivews here and why they changed them in good rivew. I think they have done this only for money.
This broker is realy a fraud and scame broker.
Now let me clear what he getted by this 100 $ bonus.
If someone loss this bonus then broker loss nothing becouse they dont sent the trades in market and it just like a demo account loss.
But when traders earn money and they found him in profit then his trades sent in markets and they earn money by spreads and commission.now only from me they have earn above 400 $ by my 45 lots trading and also take back there 100 $ and take my 105 $ profit also by creating any reason.
So they earn 505 $ only from me.
Now they offer 500 $ bonus instead of 100 $. Hahaha.
This is an other good trap for snatching money.Read there terms.
I explain it here.
You can not loss the bonus but only can trade.it mean you can use huge volume to trade and let your account wash fastly and when you loss reache at your own funds they writenoff ther bonus and your account washed.
You have to trade huge volume of trading with your own funds for getting withdrawal there bonus.and in this try you lost your funds. If you complete all condition then they reject your withdrawal by creating any reason.
Dont waist time . This is confirm a fraud broker.

I am an old trader and in forex trading from 11 years.So i advjse you dear forex traders and new comers dont choose this broker.even not get there bonuses that these are only waist of time and it will ended only in frustation and tention.
Atach all screenshots as profe.

First of all, i understood that you have never lost anything out of pocket, correct?
Second, bonuses are always restricted by terms. You should know that..
Any support rep can advise you on those conditions - or even better, go to the terms and conditions on the website and look it up on your own.

My conclusion is that a "fraud" was not confirmed in your case..
but thank yo for sharing with us:D


Okay, to say the least we can conclude that forexchief is a broker full of technical vulnerabilities. Traders should take note of the fact that in case of such a technical vulnerability (which is a fault on their side and not the trader's) trader will suffer because of no fault of his. THe End.