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Dmytro Mazhuha

The name of the company is which is a trading name of which is registered in England and Wales under registered number 3218125. LCG is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Registered address: 3rd Floor, 1 Knightsbridge, London, SW1X 7LX.

I have been trading with this company since July 2015 with no problems but when made a profit and tried to withdraw money they started acting strange not replying me for 12 days. After all they wrote me this letter:

We have performed an in-depth analysis of all the completed trades, and attempted trades on your account. We have compared the levels traded or attempted to trade against the underlying market at the time. Under normal market conditions you would expect a 50:50 split of prices for and against the client. We would also expect that the system generated rejections (outside of price tolerance) to be less than 5%.Your account grossly exceeds those levels and consistently in your favour. We can conclude from this that there is latency trading taking place. I’ll refer you to our standard terms and conditions which you have previously agreed to;


(1) Where we believe that latency in the trading platform is being unfairly exploited by you, we may at our absolute discretion void all trades and return to you only funds deposited net of any earlier withdrawals - and then close your account.

(2) Such trading is characterised by a high volume of transactions which are opened and closed within an unusually short period of time as compared to the ‘average’ client, with a disproportionate number placed advantageously between price of trade and price of underlying market instead of the 'random distribution' that would be expected when the trading platform is used 'fairly'.

Therefore we have now reversed your recent withdrawal and remove the trading profits from your account. Your account is now suspended.

If you are still unhappy with this result then please follow our complaints procedure which I have included below.

I have traded in a normal way using their web platform and entered and exited market according to my own decisions based on different indicators from different sources including other markets as well. I don’t understand how I would be able to use latency trading using their web platform at all. I traded manually using their web platform prices so if for some reason they think those prices are not correct then they should have rejected them or not offer them at all. I should not be liable for their platform performance and I am sure other people lost money using the same prices at the same time but they don’t return them their losses which should be logically in this case. Also as you can see from the report attached to this thread my trades took longer than 30 minutes on average and their explanation of latency trading says that the trades should be unusually short which is obviously not my case at all. Besides their latency trading explanation includes high volume of transactions and I have only made 3-4 trades a day which is not my case a well.

They also say that they will return me only the money deposited but even if the prices that they showed were a little better then somewhere else that still doesn’t cover all the movements that happened for 30+ minutes that I held my positions for and that I made my profit with.

As a result I think that they should return me all the money on my account asap.

Dmytro Mazhuha


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Go to their live support and ask them that why they haven't replied in past 12 days of your mail. Also two steps that you must follow

1st - Invite them to join this thread via email (Send email to every possible address).

2nd - Go to their website and invite them to here via Live Chat.


Post an update every 2 weeks. Then everyone will be able to see how Intertrader handles an issue like this.

Dmytro Mazhuha


Intertrader refused to return me the profit but only returned the initial deposit based on the attached trade analysis that they have done.

I have forwarded this case to FCA already since I don't agree to it.

I just want to add three things as a response to their decision:

1) They compared the prices for the trades to their own source but prices on the market can differ from company to company. If you take some independent random company prices, I am sure the analysis will show no favorable prices for my trades.

2) Their terms and conditions outline specifically what trading is deemed as latency trading and as mentioned earlier my trading doesn’t match to their description at all.

3) When you make trades based on the indicators as I do it is quite logical that indicators will signal you as soon as a first good price comes so there is nothing wrong in the fact that this way you may get better price occasionally but this doesn’t indicate that such trading is latency trading. In market economy everybody tries to get better price for everything and this is true for every market either for stocks, shoes or for currencies.

Dmytro Mazhuha


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