Horacio Ofman

The company has disappeared from the internet. Website is down an the Metatrader platform is disconnected.

Last friday they sent this email through the MT4 mail system:

"We would like to update all our JadeFX Ltd club members on situation or isssue we have at hand. After today's meetings , there are several options that might occur.

Currently due to this intensive inquiry we can not process any funds because no access is allowed & will not be allowed until some resolution is found. We want to make sure that all our members understand the great challenges we are facing

What Options might be available for JadeFX Ltd club members:

1. bankruptcy -- if they prolong the inquiry to several weeks or months. This implies that we might be able to recover part of the funds

2. Complete aggresssive shutdown due to severe penalties and prolonging the inquiry-- this implies their will be some violations and we might be able to wind down and recover part of the funds.

3. Warning issued for any violations found and severe penalties applied ---this implies there will be a possibility to recover ALL or part of the funds.

NOTE: The situation right now is very fluid or very unpredictable , anyone who has dealt with the regulators understands how tough and unforgiving the outcome can be. We hope for the best and we are doing everything possible to have a positive outcome but we can not predict or know what will happen or how long it will take ( Days or Weeks ) , since they move very slowly

The regulators are coming down very hard on any brokerage regulated or unregulated or based in US or not Based in US , it does not matter. So long as you are dealing with any US bank for liquidity then you are in their crosshair.

we will also take down the website due to the ongoing inquiry for the time being and will turn it back up, once a resolution is reached. This is due to some changes required to meet certain non-solicitation clauses and various pieces of information required to be placed on the website.

For any communication while we are working on the issue please use only the email support@jadefx.com

Thank you and let's hope for the best


I have searched CFTC for any current case or alerts against Jade and found nothing.

Please be aware that this smells really bad :hissyfit:



I confirm the earlier massage!! Company has disappeared from the face of the earth!
First I was happy with their good spread, then suddenly no connection to server (all other MT4 account on other brokers working), no replies to many email, no-one to answer phone! Can't get my money out!! This is last time i try any of these bucket shops/small brokers, Jade was supposed to be ECN... so much good that did... !!!

-- Welcome to the Wild West of Forex --- :shocked:



If you are a member of Jadefx go to donnaforex/forum there they have a private room to try to help members get there money,contact admin to get into the room.