Large Shadown only in my broker


Sergeant Major
It doesn't mean your broker is bad. It happens with all brokers from time to time. Compare the chart with other brokers. If you find it happens on a regular basis with your broker but not other brokers, then consider changing brokers.

Sometimes it is a pricing error and the broker will refund you if it affected your trade. Sometimes, you can also expect the broker to correct the pricing error on the chart. Do not take this as an attempt to "hide" the spike. Many indicators use historical data, so they become useless if this historical data is based on erroneous data.
Useful post. Some information was new for me. But well it would be fair that in case of price correction brokers leave a note about that so we could see how often this happens and could relate it to some market, economic or news event. This is an additional insight, in my view.