Why is MT5 not offered in the USA?


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actually MT products are banned in the US for the current situation of russia and ukrain, even the products were removed from the app store for a while
Based on what they have written on their website "MetaQuotes Ltd. MetaQuotes Ltd is not a Registered Investment Advisor, Broker/Dealer, Financial Analyst, Financial Bank, Securities Broker or Financial Planner. MetaQuotes Ltd is a technology provider which among other things facilitates the transmission of trade information via the Internet."
It seems logical but you can easily work with brokers from other countries if you really need mt4 or mt5 (I do need them)
Why is MT5 not offered in the USA?
MT5 is not as widely available in the US due to regulatory considerations and the popularity of MT4. The regulatory framework and the dominance of MT4 have limited the adoption of MT5 in the US market.
I do use MT4 but I am still entitled to know why MT5 is not available. US brokers that operate here and in foreign countries offer MT5 overseas but not in the USA. Do you find that logic?
I see, so there might be some political reason.