Newbie (really a CMTrading employee lying and spamming)


Banned liar and spammer for CMTrading
Hi All,

I am new to this forum. Had anyone trade with CM Trading before? Would like to have some opinions on them.
I have been trading with this broker since last week. Seems like quite legit. They had pretty good promotions and really good customer service.

Had anyone tried them? Need some advice and sharings.


Spam Cat thinks you are very stupid. You ignored the warnings that Hello and Welcome was a non-commercial area and spammed it. You posted as if you are a CMTrading client, but joined the FPA using an email address at

Stupid, but delicious. Nom nom nom!


You've only been trading with them since last week? That's funny, since you signed up using an email address with the broker. Do they normally hand out company email addresses to new clients? Seems very illegit to me. There also was a review from your location on June 12th.

"CM Trading is a pretty good FX broker. Based on my experience it has fast trade executions speeds, lower spreads and the most important point which is excellent customer service. They provide superb and supportive customer service and beyond helpful. Very pleased!"

So you were an established client on June 12th, a new client who had only been with CTrading for a week on July 20th, and also have a company email address.

I think you are nothing but a liar and a spammer. You should be ashamed of yourself for posting this in the Hello and Welcome folder. That folder is clearly marked as a non-Commericial area.

If a company's employees do things like this, I'd say that's a clear indication something is not right with the company. I've sent a message to CMTrading suggesting that they get rid of you before you do any more damage to the company's reputation.
I cant stop laughing :D, He registered with Company email id :D hahhahaha. Still cant stop laughing :D
Seriously, you all need to find my complaints about CMTrading here on forexpeacearmy and some other forums, CMTrading scammed me big time and they threatened me not to post negative thing about them on the internet.
Another bad thing about them is, they become very very rude after you become their client.
Another bad thing is that, they go through all internet search to get all negative complaints and ask the website moderator to pull it down which I am sure they pay for. I got some emails from the moderators of the websites (except forexpeacearmy) about cmtrading's request to remove the negative comments.

If you do not want to have high bp, run from CMTRADING......This is how they go everywhere on internet to scam
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In order for the house to be sure this josh.michael is a spammer and fraudster coming directly from the fraudulent company. I immediately had a chat with them and below is what I got.

23:08, Jul 21
Info:Thank you for choosing to chat with us. An agent will be with you shortly.
23:08, Jul 21
Info:You are now chatting with Michelle.
23:08, Jul 21
Hello, how may I assist you?
23:16, Jul 21
23:16, Jul 21
olu:good evening
23:16, Jul 21
olu:how are you
23:09, Jul 21
Hi, Olu. I'm good. How can I help you today?

23:16, Jul 21
olu:I like to chat with michael
23:11, Jul 21
Hi, Olu. Michael is not available at the moment. You may email to our support to or you can come back to our live chat 3 hours later.
23:16, Jul 21
olu:I want to be sure he has access to his mail
23:16, Jul 21
olu:so I can mail him on
23:14, Jul 21
May I know what kind of inquiry that you have?
23:16, Jul 21
olu:it is about my account
23:16, Jul 21
olu:nothing more
23:15, Jul 21
Sure. You can email him. He will do his best to assist you.
23:16, Jul 21
23:15, Jul 21
Can I assist you with anything else?


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