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Yes, but our company (from forex signals companies) is only one company what show up here and resolving problems, all others just ignore you, posts and all other threats. After that all those "companies" (forex signals providers) change domain name and continue to work again with different name in same manner, only ou company is still here for more than 7 years, and maybe one or two more companies still work with same name.

Also I would like to bring you attention that belong domain name do not belong to us and We operate only trough

About fake reviews, everyone doing that. Maybe your experience show you that satisfied clients less leave reviews than those who do not like service. Also some of service use method leave here positive review about us and we will give you free service for xy days. So we do not practice that at all.
About fake rewards now you can pay for any reward what you like. If I can I will post website what selling awards. So you can be from best trader to best forex broker in the world for less than $500, if you are willing to pay.


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Your company has resolved a few issues. I do appreciate that, but it does not erase all the lies and deceptions your company has been caught in.

Your company previously ran those domain names. The information stays.

Some of the fake awards were completely fake. Others were claims of awards from organizations which never gave awards. If you want to claim that you got an award from a non existent organization, that makes you look stupid and dishonest. If you want to claim an award from a real organization which never gave you one, that's not only dishonest, but proof of incredible arrogance.

The Performance Test at the FPA was very informative...

The Rastin replacement's account looks like a probably imposter. He didn't come back, so his claim of resolution is not considered valid.

For now, I'm locking this thread. If the real Rastin contacts me and convinces me he's not an impostor, I'll be happy to re-open the thread and let him tell everyone whether or not his issue was resolved.
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