panda option


السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
يسعدوني ويشرفني الانضمام معكم لاني جديد بس انا لدي استفسار انا اتداول في شركة باندا اوبشن من البدايه اشتركة معهم بمبلغ 3500 ريال سعودي وكان مدير حسابي اوعدني بصفقة ناجحة 100٪ ودخلنا بصفقة وخسرت كل رصيدي وقال بيعوضني بقرض نشتغل عليه وفعلا عطاني قرض وشتغلنا عليه وحصلنا ارباح دبل وطلبت سحب فرفض النظام قال يجب علي تسديد القرض وبعدها تقدر تسحب عمولاتك كامله فقمت بايداع قيمة القرض 8500 ريال سعودي كي اقدر اسحب عمولاتي وبعد الايداع طلبت سحب وقال مدير حسابي اليوم في توصيه ناجحة 100٪ اخذنا صفقة وسحب كامل الرصيد وهذي ثاني فخ عملوه لي ولان يوجد لدي رصيد 3100 دولار وبونص 500 دولار وصار لي اسبوعان اطالب في السحب ولم ينفذو طلبي لمن اشتكي كي ارد حقي؟ الله يرضا عليكم افيدوني بحل
Peace, mercy and blessings of God
Asaadona and I am honored to join with you, because I new, but I'm Upon inquiry, I trade on the Banda option the company from the beginning Achtrkh them at $ 3500 SAR The director of My Auadna deal 100% successful, and we entered a deal and lost all my balance, said Abieodhana loan we work it and actually Atani loan Stglna him and we got double profit and asked to withdraw rejected the system said I have to repay the loan and after the estimated pulls Amolatk full so I did deposit loan 8500 SAR value to appreciate drag Amolaty after filing asked for the withdrawal and said the director of my day in a successful Recommend 100% we took the deal the entire balance and pulling and these second trap Amloh me and because there is I have a balance of $ 3,100 and $ 500 bonus and become my two weeks in the clouds did not I ask my Infdhu those who complained to Take my right? God Aarza please advise me to dissolve

The company is scammed and fraud this behavior started in May 2016, suddenly they start requesting deposit by putting your money in a trade and loose it. we are currently 9 victims, and we were not able to get our money, they are getting annoyed and crazy just to ask us to deposit more. My account manager called requesting for more money, and he keep manipulating my word just to give him the green light to trade, and unfortunately he successes and loose it all. If you notice the website trading numbers, are almost fake not true. most important is to document what happening in an email and send it to them, and ask them never to trad for you again. and dont fall for them when they ask you to deposit more to get your money because they will never give it to you. try to get an advice for a lawyer, and what is your terms and condition. if we find a solution we will share it.
If you deposited by credit card, contact your issuing bank immediately. Ask about a chargeback based on denial if withdrawals and breaking promises of safe trading.

If the bank is uncooperative or if you deposited by wire transfer, WinChargeback may be able to help you.
You guys follow the below steps,

1st - Invite them to join this thread via email (Send email to every possible address).

2nd - Go to their website and invite them to here via Live Chat
Same case I had with Pandaoptionvip as well (earlier this year they were
they are definitely a fraud company. using all methods to take every penny they can from customers
I have been in debate with them for withdraw of my capital and they made a very rude and dirty trick. The account manager kept calling askign for more deposit to allow any withdraw. Having found that not working, and despite i sent a clear email not to trade with my account, he manipulated the while account in seconds by putting it in trade and stopping it directly (leaving 20% of the initial ammount) so 4 times of such i ended up with almost nothing
imagine loosing 1 million dollar down to less than 1000 in seconds - who would ever do that
and also the account manager is bold enough to say that the balance is lost due to market prices
if you want to file to court against them we are in
I wish no one else to be hurt by Panda option nor by ANY Binary option company as most of them are fake, fraud and
we already file them in FTC site, and assign a lawyer, but he is refusing to take the case until we provide evidence of their location.
Most likely, they are really in Israel. Hunting down the people behind binary options companies can be very difficult. I still think WinChargeback is the most likely shot at recovering funds. If they can't help you, then you'll need to dig hard and deep to find out who and what is behind Panda Option.