Paranoid Robot Eurusd only


A big thank you to the Admins of this forum, please put my thread right if it's in the wrong place, thank you.

It is very important to make trade that profit on a constant note. With a reasonable DD, few ideas have been able to do this , however with my 17 years of development I have done this master piece and it's not for sell but for clients ready with live funds.

How do I send this to you guys ,since I could not attached it to this thread.

FBS-REAL-13 330255004 Felix2023

this ea however I have sent a login here.
It's an ea that trade to generate mainly for IB , and I am ready to give this free for vantageinternational clients only bcos that's where I am an IB. So if you have an account with vantage , you can let me know.