Passive Forex Profits - SCAM


Private, 1st Class
I was intrigued when I received details of the latest offering from the forex mafia; an EA by the name of Passive Forex Profits. The results published seem like the answer to the maidens prayer, very small stoploss of 10 pips for small scalping gains of 10 pips with very consistent and frequent winning trades - Wow the long awaited way to turn my PC into an ATM. Of course I am not stupid and thought that the claim seemed a bit far fetched (sounds familiar) but if they offer the ususal 60 day refund then I should at least try it out. But wait a minute the refund period is only 30 days and the small prints states that you must try it out for at least 30 days. Now let me think hard - Ah hah that means that there is no refund!! I emailed the support about this anomallyseveral times and guess what ? No reply. If I could make 10 pips with a stop losss of 9 pips (spread included) on a consistent basis I would not sell it for $39. Surely this refund trick contravenes the advertising standards ?
If you don't want refund problems when buying software, as far as I am concerned they have to sell it via ClickBank!
60 days for ANY REASON, it just does not get better than that!
Tried it too. Their installer did not have any proper documentation at all. What's more, the parameters in their website are very different from the one they have in the EA.
lost 10% of my account trying this out. Still no reply regarding the refund request I was asking for.
Another useless EA

This is pure garbage. I lost 10% of my account in less than a week. I used the default settings that it recommends. If you look at his Live account statement every trade ends in $100 profit or loss. I have never traded any forex pairs that always ends in the exact same amount on every trade. There are all kinds of upsells. I did get a prompt refund.