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Hello, my name is Robin and I seriously need help with Ctoption.
Late last year, I invested 2500 dollars into ctoption's replicator pro. I was amazed with the results, so I told my brother about it. He couldn't believe the profit I was getting, so he invested 5000 dollars into ctoptions. A couple of weeks later, my brother's account was destroyed. They added a second G.W. replicator, that traded 168 times with a negative profit of -7243! In a single day, he lost 4 thousand dollars. After asking what happened, they told lies after lies to my brother and me. I have proof that they scammed my brother, I attached the screenshots to this thread.
I immediately took off my account off of the replicator, and asked for a withdrawal. To this day, I still can't withdraw my money due to their bonus policy. Its been 6 months and my money is still with the people who scammed my brother. Is there any way you guys could help.


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First, send the link to this discussion thread to every address you have for them. Invite them to come here and join the discussion.

Second, leave them a nice shiny 1 star review here:

Third, if you funded by bank card, call the card's ussuing bank, ask to speak to the fraud department, explain that the promised service of withdrawals is not being done, and ask if it's too late for a chargeback based on fraud or not. Don't delay. If you aren't over the deadline, chances are that you soon will be.

Forth, do not invest one more cent with binary options.
Thank you sir! I'll make sure to do that!

ALSO forgot to add - on IMAG2241.JPG His account was trading with the lot size of 50 on 12/29/15 and on 12/31/15 they add a second GW that traded a lot size of 100!!! LOST -7243!
Dear all
client can stop the replicator whenever they want by a click of a button, when you issue a withdrawal request the finance department is not connected to the trading and will not stop the trading for you.
Patrick Henderson support manager
Hello Forexpeacearmy,
Today, I've spoken with the Chief Trading Floor Manager, Mr. George West. After a long conversation, we came to a conclusion. The problem that I am having is finally over, the full amount of 2500 will be given back to me. Mr. West provided all the reassurance that I needed and I withdraw all the complains regarding Ctoptions. Once I received the full amount, l'll post a update.

- Robin
Make sure your money is safely in your bank account before declaring the issue to be resolved.