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Problem scam SigmaForex Non Dealing Desk account, not able to withdraw funds

I am having an issue with a company


I am unable to withdraw initial funds from SigmaForex Non Dealing Desk account. The account trading can be monitered at MT4Live.com - Share Your MT4 Statements Free

I received final statement for my account funds is 2776.99 EUR on 2009-06-29. I then sent in formal withdraw request form sent in on 2009-06-30. I received SigmaForex confirmation that withdraw form is processed on 2009-07-18.

SigmaForex first deducted the 2700 EUR from my account on 2009-06-29 cl 14:11 and then put the funds back on the 2009-07-14. cl 13:08.

There is no reply to my withdraw email to SigmaForex backoffice, and their chat is hardly to get contact with. The telephone number on their webside is not contactable.

So I need FPA help me to get my funds back, at least to get my initial deposite 2000EUR back to my bank account.

Until I get my funds back to my bank account, I consider SigmaForex is a company that you shall NOT send your money to.
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Sigma is infamous for taking forever on withdrawals.

Don't just email backofffice@sigmaforex.com. Also send to admin@sigmaforex.com. Stay on their case. Let them know you've got a thread here. Send them a link to it.

The last thing we heard was that they are merging with some other company and that everything will work perfectly after that. Then again, they kept claiming that everything has been working perfectly up until now.
My signed formal withdraw form was sent in to sigmaforex on the 2009-June-30. SigmaForex still hold my funds in my trading account and not processed my withdraw form yet on today 2009-august-05. I have sent in SigmaForex a signed formal complain form today on 2009-August-05.
I wonder who's buying out Sigma? I can't picture any company wanting to merge with them.

Anyone care to start a betting pool on how long they can milk the "we're busy with a merger" excuse?
Today 2009-august-15, SigmaForex still not process my withdraw form. The Funds 2776 EUR is still held in my trading account at SigmaForex. You can see the account details is published at http://goodies2.mt4live.com

On the 2009-06-27, I received final statement for my account from SigmaForex, stated as 2776 EUR.

On the 2009-06-30, I sent in a signed withdraw form to SigmaForex, to request withdraw 2776.99 EUR from trading account 5014890 to my bank account.

On the 2009-08-05, I sent in a formal complain form to SigmaForex about not be able to withdraw from own trading account.

On the 2009-08-06, SigmaForex reply to me that my withdraw shall be processed within 2 weeks. If counted from 2009-august-07, then the withdraw shall be done at no late than 24th of august.
SigmaForex is listed at the house of companies, however it is marked “dissolved” from the 2009-March-31.

WebCHeck - Select and Access Company Information

SigmaForex is not registered with FSA. Unauthorised firms / individuals

S.F. Invest Limited/ Sigmaforex.com Limited listed is not registed with FSA.

So SigmaForex is lacking of any license to conduct financial service. Yet SigmaForex has been and is taking money from client and refuse to provide withdraw service. I consider this is finance fraud behaviour. I have already reported this to London Police, FSA and European Consumer Centre network.

All I want to is to retrieve the 2366.99EUR from my trade account 5014890 to my bank account. I do not need the 400 EUR bonus from SigmaForex. Although in sigmaForex final statement, stated that I have 2766 EUR in my trade account and is entitled by me.

If I am not receive email from SigmaForex that provides me evidence that you have bankwired my funds from my trade account to my bankaccount on the 2009-August-26, I will issue a county court claim against sigmaForex. Then the loser part will pay for the court expenses.

For these trader who is scammed, here are links that are useful

1) UKs money claim online, easy. Claims are processed the next work day at 9am. link is here https://www.moneyclaim.gov.uk/csmco2/index.jsp
We can claim to the court where the company has the home address.
for other countries is here
Small Claims Court Links to Each State

2) Link to London Police is here
City of London Police - Boiler room

3) Link to FSA and FOC is here
Financial Ombudsman Service

4) Link to European Consumer Centre is here
ECC: Trading Standards Institute

owner of SigmaForex Non Dealing desk account 5014890
There is small claim court that is networked in europe and usa and can help to chase the money in the world.
Small claims court
Small claim court takes care of claims that is maximum 2000 EUR in Europe. That's precis that amount that I deposited at SigmaForex.

Since SigmaForex last registed is in the house of companies in UK, then the small claim shall be made to small claim court in UK. There is online claim form to be filled here https://www.moneyclaim.gov.uk/csmco2/index.jsp
normally the claim case will be taken in registration the next work days 09am.

The loser part will pay for the court expenses.

SigmaForex has written in email to me on the 2009-08-06 that my withdraw shall be processed in 2 weeks time.

I will fill in the online small claim at uk here
https://www.moneyclaim.gov.uk/csmco2/index.jsp on the 2009-august-26, if SigmaForex still not process my withdraw request by this time.

owner of SigmaForex NDD account 5410890
deposited amount 2000eur
traded to 2366EUR.
signed withdraw request sent SigmaForex on the 2009-June-30
Signed formal complain sent to sigmaforex on the 2009-August-05.

I want to commend u on ur investigation cos this information of yours will be of immense benefit,not only to you,but to other traders who have problems in withdrawing their money.I hope u get your money at the end of the day.
Thanks Tessa, Thanks Forexpeacearmy. I am so appreciate your help.

I have received the full funds to my bank account from the sigmaForex trading account today on 2009-09-01. My signed withdraw request was sent in on the 2009-06-30, and money received on 2009-09-01. that's was total 49 bank working days.

Hence this case is closed now. I withdraw all my cases regards this that I created at london police, Europe consumer center network as well.
Glad you got the money, but it ruins the title of the article I was writing:

Squidma Forex - Tentacles in your Wallet :D