Scammed by Ken Alison (BinaryTriumph Strategy)


I have been searching for BinBot Pro settings on YouTube last year. I have found a YouTube video with title: SO I RAN MY BINBOTPRO ROBOT FOR 1 HOUR AND THIS HAPPENED. The video was created by Ken Alison (the Owner of "BinaryTriumph Strategy" YouTube Channel).

The video shows his live trading session using the script and settings on BinBot Pro for 1 hour. Then i search for another video called "(NEW*) Testimonials -Trading With BinaryTriumph Script & Settings On BinBotPro - $30,000 Withdrawal" and look for his contact information. Then I have added him on Skype. His Skype Name is "ken.alison_".

I was interested in the BinaryTriumph Strategy Script for the robot and BinaryTriumph Forex Robot (Expert Advisor). He gave me the quotations for the BinaryTriumph Strategy Script and BinaryTriumph Forex Robot. Then I have sent USD$698 funds to his PerfectMoney account. His PerfectMoney account number is "U17353134 (Ken Account)." After I have sent him the funds he notified me that he have received the funds. He also told me that after updating the new settings I will receive them later on Tuesday, 2 April, 2019 that day.

I have sent follow up messages to Ken Alison regarding when can I expect my orders to be delivered. Although he read my messages but my questions have been ignored.

I been waiting for more than 2 months and I still have not receive the BinaryTriumph Strategy Script and Forex Robot. I can confirm that he is a scammer and I have been scammed by him. I highly recommend everyone to stay away from him. Do not fall for his scam!

I have published a video to proof that I have been scammed by Ken Alison (BinaryTriumph Strategy).

Scammed by Ken Alison (BinaryTriumph Strategy)