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hello all ! my name is Sean Myers and i've been an FPA memeber since the beginning - since it was Forex Bastards, actually - although this is my first time posting. i've spent much time here researching and just browsing threads in the background and this site has been a wonderful tool for me.

yes, i have an investment opportunity to offer, but first, in order to provide some background into what i am doing i will simply have to take the long rood and give some history:

i graduated from Indiana University in 1997 with a BS in Chemisty, and Minors in both Mathematics and Physics. i've spent the last 14 years as an Analytical chemist in both quality and development laboratories for chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturers and the vast majority of my time has been spent in data analysis. during a vacation in 2003 to Las Vegas i became very interested in number theory and system dynamics, and so i began researching that. i progressed from basic number systems to gambling game systems to the stock market briefly before stumbling across the forex market in 2005. i have been using forex as my data set ever since - so effectively i have 5 years experience in the forex market.

like most of you, i've sat firmly in that 98% loss category for the majority of that time. i have researched countless systems, both discovered online and developed myself. i've researched most indicators, i've utilized backtesting and historical data software, i've built my own excel spreadsheets to analyse historic and current data. i've read almost every piece of information i could find, from, FPA, technical analysis theories, wave theories, fundamental analysis, news trading, ect, ect.... as i stated earlier, i've been an avid reader of this site since it was forex bastards and i've used it to research brokers as well as increase my knowledge of the forex market in general.

in the spring of 2008, after three years of research and "paper trading" i went live with as my broker and turned $8,000 into $16,000 within three months. now confident of my trading, i incorporated my business and with investor funds collected mostly from personal friends and collegues i began live trading with that account in july of 2008, showing the same short-term profits as i had seen that previous march. all was looking great until september.....

..... we all know what happened in september .....

in effect, the finance market crash wiped out my $20,000 corporate forex account. being very bruised and pissed about the whole thing i went back to the drawing board to see what aspects of my trading fell victim to the crash. i researched ways to optimize my trading and also to lessen the impact of such major market turns. i again went back to historical testing, using automated trading systems, etc, etc, until a year and a half later i again felt confident enough to begin live trading.

i have been trading live now with OANDA since May 7, and with FXsolutions UK since June 3. i know that is a very short time frame, but both accounts have been trending exactly as my prior years paper testing showed and both accounts have shown consistent and linear profits from the very beginning. both accounts have weathered recent major market turmoil caused by such things as the greece bailout, the eur decline, etc, and both accounts are showing long-term returns of over 100% APR. i have already scaled up the OANDA account (15% net increase in six weeks), effectively doubling my trade activity after 6 weeks of trading. i am scaling up the FXsolutions account on monday.

so what am i selling ?

i am not promoting a managed forex account. i am not selling a trading package or any software. i do not own a website. i am not selling a robot or a trading signal service. in fact i'm not selling anything at all, except myself. what i have is a US-based closely-held S-corporation that i am using primarily as a means to trade the forex market, but not exclusively. i also have a $20,000 property lot in the corporate name, and in the future i will also use it as a means to broaden investments to stock, bonds, etc.

what i am seeking is individuals who might be willing to invest money into the corporation, which will then be primarily used to trade in the forex market, with the hopes of future returns through corporate dividends. as such, any investment money put into the corporation, past or future, will no longer be the personal funds of the investor and so there is no "method of withdrawal" like it would be in a manged account. the funds effectively purchase stock shares in the corporation, which in turn are invested, and returns are distributed to the stockholders through dividends.

yes, it is very much like an investment club, the only distiction being how it is recognized by the US tax system. as an s-corporation, the shareholders hold the power to decide where the money is invested, and since i primarily use the forex market, i came here seeking mutual interest in that.

this is an important distinction and i can further explain the details of this to anyone who is interested. but the point is this, ALL money invested goes directly into the corporate account, and minus a few minor fees (corporate excise tax, registered agent fee, property tax, officer salary, etc) ALL money goes into the trading account - i take nothing from the initial investment. only upon generating a profit do i take a 10% cut.

let it be known: I AM NOT SOLICITING INVESTMENTS AT THIS TIME !!! what i am doing is sending out this message to see if there is any interest before i commit to soliciting investors. the main reason is that, even though i have shown consistent returns, it is still too short term to begin making long-term commitments, and as with any forex account, a bad turn could be right around the corner.

i have no guarantee of profit. i have no refund policy. and as we all know anything you invest in the forex market can vanish overnight. because of this, and the use of a corporation instead of some sort of managed money account, i realize that many potential investors will be turned off - i understand and accept this. i decided to use a corporation as my means of trading simply because i didn't want to hassle with the process of opening some sort of money-manged brokerage or whatever you have to do to start that. also, since i invest in other instruments besides forex, i wanted an entity that would allow me broader access to handle the funds ... i decided an S-corporation was the best choice. if there are any of you out there that may have a better vehicle for this, i'd be happy to hear your thoughts.

if there is interest shown and if i continue to show consistent returns, i can begin to talk to investors. but until then i am simply seeking that interest. i will gladly answer any questions in this forum concerning my trading returns, business practices, etc. my goal is to be 100% transparent.

with that said, unfortunately i will NOT devulge any aspects of my trading system. i am not here to charge people to learn how am i trading, nor will i give out any free information. i've read all of felix's posts and while i find his sense of giving and charity to be very inspiring and i admire him for his life and accomplishments, i am not him. i looked into forex for one reason - to make money - and i've spent over 7 years and thousands of dollars learning the market and testing it. through education, trial, error, fist pounding, insomnia, and both gains and losses, i feel i've finally worked out a system that can provide me with adequate returns above almost any other investment instrument out there, whether it be a savings account, money market, 401K, bank CD, mutual fund, or otherwise, most of which offer only 1-20% return on investment at most.

so why am i here looking for YOUR money if i've found a way to make my own money ? good question, i'd ask it myself of any other investment on here claiming to earn a high annual percentage, and in fact it's that question that almost all of these scams fail to answer. if i had an investment that made me 1000% APR you wouldn't even know i was here, i'd simply keep doubling my account until i was filthy rich.

i'm not offering anything so rediculous as that.

the answer, then, is very simple - i want to quit my day job. with the minor amount of money i have invested in these accounts it will take quite some time for them to compound enough to where i can effectively withdraw money to equal my current salary while still being able to grow..... i'm impatient. and i also don't want to invest thousands of my own dollars into it just to try and grow the account - i have bills to pay just like everyone else, so only expendable funds go into my trading (expendable funds are becoming slimer now-a-days). so instead, if i can enlarge the account through investment money, i can make trading my full time committment and begin very soon to earn an adequate income from it, without committing all of my own personal funds to do that.

i'm looking for investors with expendable funds, willing to take an educated gamble on my trading ability, for mutual profit.

trust me, i've debated all this already, and i'm not commited to anything yet, i'm only sending out "feelers". i could wait and trade away through the months and months, enlarge the account with my own funds and through growth, and then finally tranfer my activity full time to trading in the future. but with investors i can trade their funds now, earn them money, and make myself a salary off of it. with investors i can become a full time trader NOW instead of later. there is my intent in a nutshell.

if i find no investors, or if i decide to be more patient i will slink back into the shadows and wait. but in the meantime i thought i'd see if i can drum up some interest.

what do i earn ?

through the corporation i pay myself $100 a month base salary for basic book and record keeping, etc. on top of that i take 10% of any profits earned by the company, since all the profits of the company are earned directly from my activity. if i can earn enough profits through trading my own and other investors funds through the corporation i can pull enough earnings from it to be able to make trading and investing my full time job, simple as that.

again, my goal is to be 100% transparent will all my activities and intentions, so i will tell you from the start - my goal is to make money. if i can make myself money through trading forex, then i can make you money as well. making YOU money makes ME more money and with that i think we can all be happy.

so ... i apologize for the length of this post, but i wanted to cover as much as i could from the start. again, i will answer any questions concerning this investment idea. but, i will not tolerate flaming or name-calling, save that crap for the scammers and web marketers - i'm neither. i'm a trader, just like you, and if i have truely found a way to earn a profit on the forex market i simply want to share the earning potential with anyone else who cares to invest, in the process earn myself a modest 10% fee.

all genuine questions will be given genuine and honest answers. anyone who wants to flame will be dealt with accordingly, and trust me i can spit fire with the best of them.

i also realize that trying to convince someone to invest without coughing up my secret will turn many away - that's fine. i'm not looking for 1000 investors, i'll consider myself lucky to get one or two. all i can do for now is offer copies of my account balances and you can make your decisions from that.... if anyone else has a suggestion on how i could best state my case i will gladly take their advice.

in closing: thank you all for reading this and happy trading !!!