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Forex trading (FOREX) is an innovative variety of business that brings mutually buyers and sellers from internationally regardless of time and even place. In other ideas, sellers and buyers conduct currency transactions immediately. Cyprus is looked upon as an attractive location for foreign exchange trading. The attractive regulatory and taxation schemes aided by the low operation cost and prime quality financial, accounting and legal expertise motivate international FOREX firms to their business activities on Cyprus. In addition, the Cyprus legislation is without a doubt harmonised with EU Directives as Cyprus is known as a full member of europe. Precisely, as an WESTERN EUROPEAN member-state, Cyprus is fully harmonised considering the EU Market in Finance Instrument Directive. To details about Forex Trading, visit

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Welcome Everyone,
This is Ashik from Bangladesh. I'm a new member in this section. First to take my warm wishes on behalf from SGT Markets Broker. Hope all the days perfectly spent in this platform with all.
Sharif Ashik