St Capitals

Well I have $270K and no withdrawal restrictions but St Capitals will not honour my withdrawal requests. They don't answer their phones anymore and it just goes to voicemail when I call them. I have sent several emails and they don't even reply to my emails. I don't know what to do with them anymore!!! Who owns St Capitals and who are the main directors??
How, when, and how much did you deposit?

If it's by credit card and recent enough, a chargeback may work. If your bank can't/won't help, then WinChargeback may be able to assist. Otherwise, considering the amount of money on the table, a lawyer may be a very good idea. WinThisCase does legal referrals.

Since it's binary, do what's needed to help the regulators find the money trail. You didn't just put the cash in an envelope and mail it to a PO box. When you file reports, tell them exactly where and how that money was sent. There's a list of regulators who want this info in post #2 of this thread: