I want to settle a complaint about STARTFOREX.COM.
In january 2009 I send 20.000,-€ ($25.800) to Start Forex Ltd over
Mizrahi Tefahot Bank in London to fund my trading account nr 20295
at this broker. In April 2009 they (Startforex) made a withrawal of the
entire account summe of $ 32.364,92 with no profitable explanation.
I had given a procura to someone who was trading my account with a robot
because I’m not (yet) a trader and he took (only)his comission to oder Startaccount..
My account was erased and I have no more acess to it.
After numerous calls and mails, and a letter from one Attorney(they didn´t respond) I have no doubt they do not intend to give my Money back.
I ask for your help and I am willing to give you wathever transfer papers, mails
account extracts you need top help me on this.

Thank you
Nuno Dias


They pulled all the money and didn't send you anything??? Not even your initial deposit?

I knew they were bad, but just grabbing the money without even bothering to send you some sort of notice is even worse than how they usually are.


They first made the withdrawal from all of the money,then froze the account, then erased it.They send me nothing.
Last time they told me the subject is with their laiwers in order to see
if it is possible to " subtract from my money the comissions the trader took
from my account and also from others accounts he was working for".
As I said they were robbing me the director (Mr. Sinai ) hang up the phone on me.
Can you please help me?What should I do next in order you can help me?



They even disabled my mail account to reach them. All of my mails come back without reaching them.

The atached letter they do not accept anymore.There they said they owe me nothing else but the 13K. I deposited 25K and the account had a 32K saldo.


In order you can transfer my money back
I send you
My bank data:

Account nr (erased)

Nuno Simões Dias
Startforex Account nr. 20295

2009/4/23 startforex <>
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Dear Client,

First of all we need to thank you for your patience on resolving this matter.

The legal and financial department of Startforex have analyzed and got to a conclusion that you should receive back the AMOUNT YOU HAVE DEPOSITED LESS THE AMOUNT ALREADY WITHDRAWALED from your account. If this money went to a trader, we strongly advise you to solve the matter with him.

Your initial deposit was 25800 USD and it was sent to your trader the amount of 11828 USD.

You are entitled to receive back the amount of 13,962 USD
This amount will be send back to your bank account.

When you signed the attached letter we will transfer the money.

Please send us the bank details together with the letter signed by email or FAX +357 25 503 001 and we will transfer the money as soon as possible.

Our best regards,

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In order you can transfer my money back

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